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Dawlance 115 CHZ, Dawlance DW-397HP
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Dawlance 115 CHZ

Dawlance DW-397HP

 Maximum power grill  yes  
 Rotating plate       
 The plate's diameter    
 Pop-out knob    
 Number of capacity levels 25L   
 Noise level    
 Maximum power 800W   
 Hot air       
 Maximum power hot air    
 Hatch Opening    
 Energy efficiency class    
 Digital display   Yes   
 Connection Power  900W  
 Type of adaptation    
 Colour / Material silver/Red Gold  
 Dimensions (WxHxD)    
 Oven capacity    
 Weight excluding packing    
 Release year    
 Product page    
Price 16,499-Rs 13,899-Rs