"Dawlance 91996HZ-PLUS Price in Pakistan, Specifications, Features, Reviews"
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Dawlance 91996HZ-PLUS

by Dawlance Refrigerators / Freezers

Need more than just a cooling machine? Our H-zone series helps Pakistani consumers in adopting a healthier lifestyle without any effort. It prevents food from bacterial growth and stops the deterioration process keeping fruits and vegetables fresher for double the duration in comparison to other regular refrigerators. So H-Zone helps you put a stop to food decay and enjoy your food longer

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59,499 PKR
50,299 - PKR
Item Condition: New
Shipping Info: 24 - 48 Hours
Stock Info: Available
warranty: 3 year

Features for Dawlance 91996HZ-PLUS

Dawlance 91996-H-Zone �

Health Light- Doubles the duration of food preservation

Contemporary design

This model is designed keeping in mind needs of a Pakistani consumer. Its wide body range allows you to store food items at an eye level. Its additional internal depth enhances your actual usable capacity by more than 10% compared to any other refrigerator.

Faster cooling ? maintains cooling in power breakdowns

Dawlance most Reliable Brand�

Dawlance's reputation for reliability is exercised within all functions of the company and with its consumers which has made it Pakistan?s number �home appliance brand.

Specifications for Dawlance 91996HZ-PLUS

General Specs
 Connection Power    
 Door (s) rehangable    
 Dynamic cooling    
 Energy consumption    
 Energy efficiency class    
 Fast Cooling   Yes
 Glass Shelves    
 Noise level    
 Steel Cabinet    
 Storage time at power failure    
 Touchscreen   No
 Water Dispenser   No
 Colour / Material   Black
 Dimensions (WxHxD)   725 x 1699 x 625 mm
 Volume   525 / 18.5
 Release year    
 Product page   http://www.dawlance.com.pk/products/food/refrigerators/h-zone-series.php
 Warranty 3 year 
 Price 59,499 Price in Pakistani Rupees

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Dawlance 91996HZ-PLUS Price in Pakistan, Specifications, Features, Reviews

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