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Logitech S150 Digital USB Speaker, Logitech Z523
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Logitech S150 Digital USB Speaker

Logitech Z523

 Built-in control unit Yes Yes   
 Clock radio No No   
 External control unit No No   
 Magnetically shielded No No   
 Number of speakers 2.0 2.1  
 Power consumption (operating)    
 Power consumption (standby)    
 Weather sealing No No   
 Release year 2008 2009  
 Remote control    
 Memory card readers    
 Optical drive    
 Power supply
 Operated by battery No No   
 Powered by electricity No Yes   
 Image properties
 Supported image formats    
 Dimensions (WxHxD)  86 196 132 mm  
 Weight 0.61 kg    
 Available colours Black, Black (lacquer), Red  Black, Gray, Silver, White  
 Supported audio files    
 Supported image files    
 Supported video files    
 Analog 5.1/6.1/7.1 inputs No No   
 S-video out No No   
 Pre-out (subwoofer) No No   
 Microphone input No No   
 Line out (3.5 mm) No No   
 Line in (3.5 mm)  1 pc  
 Headphone output No No   
 HDMI No Yes   
 Firewire No No   
 Digital optical in No No   
 Digital coaxial input No No   
 Composite out No No   
 Analog RCA stereo output    
 Analog RCA stereo input  Yes  
 USB Yes No   
 Connection  Wired  
 Playback device  iPod, PC  
 Radio reciever    
 Network connection No No   
 Wireless connection technology    
 Audio features
 Capacity, total 1.2 Watts 40 Watts  
 Center speaker No No   
 Frequency range 90 - 20,000 Hz  35 - 20,000 Hz  
 Front speaker / speaker unit Yes Yes   
 Bass element No No   
 Tweeter elements No No   
 Tweeters, number    
 Tweeters, size    
 Signal separation Broadband Broadband  
 Power per channel 0. 6 Watts 9.5 Watts  
 Midrange No No   
 Broadband element, size 2 inches 2 inches  
 Broadband element, number    
 Broadband element Yes No   
 Bass element, storlek    
 Bass element, number   1 pc  
 Weight front / speaker unit    
 Subwoofer No Yes   
 Basic elements, the number of (sub)  1 pc  
 Bass elements, the size of (sub)    
 Capacity (sub)  21 Watts  
 Type of box body (sub)    
 Weight (subwoofer)  6 kg  
 Surround speakers No No   
 Product page http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/business/products/speakers_audio/devices/3757&cl=gb,en   
Warranty 0
Price 1,900-Rs 8,000-Rs