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"Sony  24mm-f/20z"

Sony 24mm-f/20z

Superior Large-Aperture Performance Like other large-aperture Carl ZeissŪ lens designs, this f2.0 lens is simply magnificent in its ability to capture brilliant high-resolution images in low-light conditions requiring fully open aperture. SSM (Super Sonic wave Motor) Designed for fast, smooth, silent automatic focusing, this unique technology achieves high torque at low speed with rapid start/stop response. It operates through the ability of a piezoelectric device to reshape itself quickly when voltage is applied. Carl ZeissŪ T* Coating Coated optics were pioneered by Carl ZeissŪ -- and this superb lens features T* (T-Star) coating that virtually eliminates the lens flare, internal reflection and light scattering that can otherwise occur at glass-to-air surfaces.

Price:159,999 / PKR.
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