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"LG LS-UC2468RMO Art Cool"

LG LS-UC2468RMO Art Cool

LG Split LS-UC2468RMO 2Ton Gold Fin Anti-Corrosion Standard on all LG units, our patented Gold Fin process is an anti-corrosion coating that forms a protective shield so the unit lasts longer. Jet Cool Jet Cool can cool a room to 18C in a mere 30 minutes. Neo-Plasma Air Purifying System Removes microscopic contaminants and dust, as well as dust mites, pollen, and pet fur to help prevent allergies.

Price:86,499 / PKR.
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General Specs
 Cooling Power in Tons    
 Adjustable resistance level    
 Cold Media    
 Cooling effect    
 Energy efficiency class    
 Maximum local Volume (Recommendation)    
 Noise level    
 Power consumption    
 Number of hours    
 Water tank    
 Cooling Capacity (BTU)    
 Cooling Power in Tons    
 Air Purification    
 Dimensions (WxHxD)    
 Remote control    
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