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"Apple  Mighty Mouse"

Apple Mighty Mouse

Perfectly positioned to roll smoothly under just one finger the Apple Mouses Scroll Ball offers full 360 degree scrolling capability up down left right and diagonally. You can scroll long web pages pan full sized images manoeuvre around large spreadsheets control a video timeline and more. And you can even click the Scroll Ball to access your favourite Mac OS X features such as Dashboard Spotlight or Exposť.

Price:6,999 / PKR.
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General Specs
 Adjustable weight   No
 Ergonomic   No
 Multimedia buttons   No
 Number of buttons    
 Operating resolution    
 Trackball   No
 Type of motion sensor   Optical
 Scroll wheel    
 Connection   Wired
 Also for left-handed   No
 Hardware connection   USB
 Colour   White
 Manufacturer warranty    
 Release year    
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