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Kenwood KEE1208-S, orient OS-19K7WG-IN-HC
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Kenwood KEE1208-S

orient OS-19K7WG-IN-HC

 Adjustable resistance level    
 Inverter   Yes   
 Colling Power in Tons 1.0 Ton  1.5 Ton   
 Colling Capacity (BTU) 12000 BTU 18000 BTU...  
 Water tank No No  
 Voltage Low Voltage Start Up Low Voltage Start Up  
 Number of hours    
 Power consumption    
 Noise level Low Low  
 Maximum local Volume (Recommendation)    
 Heating No yes  
 Energy efficiency class  Class A+ (Up to 60%  
 Cooling effect Fast Cooling Fast Cooling  
 Cold Media    
 Airflow Higher air flow 4-Way Air  
 Air Purification    
 Color  White   
 Dimensions (WxHxD)    
 Display Light Display  LED display   
 Functions Cooling  Inverter   
 Remote control Yes Yes  
 Product page    
 Manual yes yes  
 Warranty 3 year  3 year   
Warranty 3 year 3 year
Price 35,199-Rs 61,999-Rs