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Vacuum Cleaners Price in Pakistan

Latest prices of Vacuum Cleaners start from 11,999 - PKR in Pakistan updated recently - April 2023.

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Summary of Vacuum Cleaners Price in Pakistan

Top 10 Vacuum Cleaners Products Price
HITACHI CV-9800YJ 41,000 - Rs
Panasonic MC-CL481 11,999 - Rs
Panasonic MC481 12,499 - Rs
HITACHI CV-W1600 12,399 - Rs
HITACHI CV-SH18 15,599 - Rs
Panasonic MC-YL623 14,999 - Rs
Panasonic MC-YL690 19,499 - Rs
HITACHI CV-950Y 15,799 - Rs
Panasonic MC-CG715 17,699 - Rs
Panasonic MC-CG717 18,799 - Rs


What is the Price of Vacuum Cleaners in Pakistan?

The starting price for Vacuum Cleaners in Pakistan is 11,999 - PKR (Updated April 2023). You can find an average Vacuum Cleaners at 18,029 - PKR price. These days rates for Vacuum Cleaners change on daily basis due to fluctuations in the dollar rate.

Which Vacuum Cleaners is the lowest in price?

Panasonic MC-CL481 is the lowest-priced Vacuum Cleaners in Pakistan. Its current price in (April-2023) is 11,999 - PKR.

What is the lowest price for Vacuum Cleaners in Pakistan?

Panasonic MC-CL481 has the lowest price of Vacuum Cleaners in Pakistan, which is 11,999 - PKR.

Which Vacuum Cleaners is best in Pakistan?

HITACHI CV-9800YJ is the best Vacuum Cleaners in Pakistan. Its price is 41,000 - PKR.

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