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HP Laptop Prices in Pakistan

Latest prices of HP Laptop start from 63,999 - PKR in Pakistan updated recently - December 2022.

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HP Laptop Prices in Pakistan

HP is an American multinational information technology corporation in United States, which provides products, technologies, software, solutions and services to consumers, small, medium and large sized enterprises. HP is one of the largest PC vendors in the world, which is now in partnership with Compaq, thus further enhancing its business. And likewise, it is regarded as the best selling brand at Mega store as well.

The reason for this success lies in the extent of innovation provided by HP, and which is then delivered successfully to you by Bringing in a load of innovation and the trend following products, HP has managed to launch up to of five different series known as HP Mini, Envy, ProBook, Pavilion G, and Pavilion Dv. All these series are available at different HP laptop prices in Pakistan. offers the latest laptops by each one of those series. However, you have to decide what suits you better in terms of your need and pocket. HP Laptop Prices in Pakistan are considered to be not only reasonable, but are quietly justified with the innovativeness offered along with it.

Other Laptop prices in Pakistan seems to change with the wind, the models come in new and go out new at times. In today?s world, it is difficult to choose any gadget available, because the only difference to the eye is either the brand or the outlook. The inside is almost the same in every other model.

Where other Laptop Prices in Pakistan go as high as Rs. 200,000+, HP manages to be reasonable to both the heart and the pocket and offers you a price range between Rs. 45,000 ? Rs. 150,000.

Get the Biggest Range of HP Laptops in Pakistan

Laptops are becoming a necessity in this era. People are dependent more on laptops than desktops and iPads. From making an assignment to executing a task, everything is just one push of a button away. They help us in better communication, studies, entertainment, and work. That is why several companies are introducing new technologies every day. Now we have laptops that support heavy work, show better than real-life images and powerfully connect the users with the entire world.

To improve technology and make it accessible to everyone, started years ago. Now we are at a point where people know us as a reliable source of buying laptops. We also have an extensive range of latest and old laptops for buyers with our trusted name. We deal with different brands like DELL, Apple, Lenovo, etc. If you are a buyer, we will surely give you the best HP laptop price in Pakistan. 

Why Hp Laptops are the Best to use in Pakistan 

IT companies like Hp, Dell, Apple, Lenovo etc., are working every day to enhance the portability and functionality of laptops. For this, they have devised and introduced many features over the decade. Now we have more refined and tech-savvy laptops in the budget that work so well for both studies and work. You can easily find a laptop perfect for gaming and entertainment featuring lighter weight and HD display. 

Here are several reasons that make you invest in HP Laptops: 

1. Excellent Travel Buddies 

HP makes its laptop light and portable. All of its series are easy to move, handier and work great when unplugged. They come with a thin and small battery featuring more active hours. You can use HP laptops in parks, offices, on the bus, in your car and during a meeting without carrying any heavyweight. With this mobility, you can readily access anything from any point in the world.  

2. Well Constructed Laptop

It is the time to call for a durable laptop as the world is shifting and Pakistan is moving towards the digital world at a rapid pace. HP laptops can give you that pace to move fast and grow. From processor to display, the machine is well-constructed and robust. HP has made a durable name since the rise of laptops and beat the features any regular desktop computer offered. Now you get a strong body, powerful processor, portability and sleek look in just one laptop.  

3. Less Cost More Features 

HP laptops are not very costly and can be utilized by high-end markets and students. The series comes in different price ranges, and though the features are different with the price, everything is built to the highest standard. You can buy an HP laptop in Pakistan starting at just 50K and rupees and manage the regular work in the office or university. 

4. Expedient and Easy

Nothing is better than a practical laptop that actually completes the work, and HP laptops are a name of convenience. These are easier to operate and do not need any additional hardware. It has its own soft keyboard, sleek mouse, thin battery and a very modern look. With a built-in camera and speaker, you can quickly attend any conference and meeting. The voice and video clarity of HP is over the top, which you do not find in many low-priced laptops. 

How to Select the Best HP Laptop:

When you ask yourself, what is the best HP laptop for me there are definitely certain things in your mind. Do you need something light, or are you looking for a modern-looking laptop? It is all about personal preferences, so we have devised a guide to help you decide.

1. CPU / Processor and its Power:

The first thing you should be investing your energy into is the processor of a laptop. It is the central unit of function which people often neglect and face problems afterwards. HP laptops feature a core from dual (2 cores) to octa (8 cores). More cores means more power and efficiency. Now it depends on your work what to select. For example, a core i5 can be used for work and studies, but powerful graphic work, gaming, or video rendering functions best on a core i7 HP laptop. You can efficiently run high-demand programs on core i7 while an HP core i3 is a rounder for students and regular work stuff. 

2. Operating System: 

Most HP laptops feature windows and are equipped with its latest version. For instance, Windows 10 offers diversity and the latest tools like Cortana, Microsoft Edge and a very convenient start menu. It has also replaced many old tools like internet explorer and introduced new features like Chrome OS, which is available in HP Chromebooks. The features help users find a quick yet straightforward way to manage work and studies.

3. Display 

The display is vital to look for in any laptop, let alone just HP. However, the HP laptops come in several display sizes ranging from 12 to 17 inches. The other thing you should be looking at is the screens resolution. Obviously, we spend hours sitting before a laptop, and the display is the main thing that helps us see the work. That is why we should put extra focus on the screen selection process. Go for a high resolution and more portable screen size for everyday work. 

4. Memory and Storage: 

Now, lets talk about memory and storage. Both are vital and should be considered for better working. For instance, HP offers memory from 4GB to 16GB and above. You can add on external memory as well. As for the storage, theres clearly no limit, but sometimes 1TB works the best to save data. 

5. Other Features:

Although people often overlook the other elements, they increase the efficiency of any laptop, such as SSD Drive, Battery life, and Graphic Card. Most HP laptops are now coming with a built-in SSD drive and feature a great battery life. Graphics Card is also installed in expensive models but can be installed in lower HP laptops like core i5. Before searching HP core i7 laptop price in Pakistan, try to invest some energy in researching these features. 

We are the proud sellers of an enormous range of HP laptops in Pakistan. We know buying a laptop is not as easy as people seem, so at we have complete listings of laptops, including models, processors, display and other details. It helps many of our customers to decide their favorite pick. Now it is your time to select among an extensive range of options that are only available at our online store.