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Apple Laptop Price in Pakistan | Macbook

Latest prices of Apple Laptop | Macbook start from 264,999 - PKR in Pakistan updated recently - January 2023.

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Summary of Apple Laptop Price in Pakistan | Macbook January 2023

Apple Laptop Price in Pakistan | Macbook

Apple is thought to have been famous in the smart phones world, but the fact is that Apple was there in the computer world even when Windows came into being. Apple in the computer world is known as Mac, and this is why many people do not know the significance of it, as it is needed.

With the progress in the field, Apple has successfully launched a number of laptops and note books of different sizes and features. And each model is self explanatory and a reward to the eye. Apple laptop prices in Pakistan are also explicably high, like other Apple products. provides you with the premium Apple Laptops which does not only include the simple MacBooks, but the lavish MacBook Airs and MacBook Pro.

Laptop Prices in Pakistan tend to increase and decrease, depending upon the market need. A huge number of laptop brands are available in the market, and each brand is known for its one specific feature. Likewise, Apple is known for its Mac software, which is its brand entity and cannot be found in any other brand.

This is a strange fact, that with time, Apple products like MacBook Air and MacBook Pro get thinner, and bigger with better graphics, and on the other hand, Apple Laptop prices in Pakistan gets higher and higher. The price range is known to be higher than Rs. 200,000 on the higher end.

If you have made up your mind to buy this luxury item, splashing out other Mobile Prices in Pakistan, then you need a reliable medium to get through with the product. And undoubtedly, is the platform that is trustworthy enough to give you the best we have.

Latest MacBook Price in Pakistan


Apple has always set the trend in the world of technology. Everything changed in 2008 when Steve Jobs announced the MacBook Air. Its so thin and light that Steve pulled it out of a brown paper envelope. Suddenly, the whole laptop scene changed. 

The laptop will never reach that level of enthusiasm, but there is hope. Apples MacBook still has that quality of air. Everything from design to construction to the operating system feels premium. The MacBook is popular in Pakistan because it integrates smoothly with iOS and other Apple products. 

Millions of consumers have MacBook laptops for various purposes, from business to reading. If you like, you can find many versions of laptops running macOS. The MacBook is the second-best option for consumers, but not everyone is happy with it. If youre looking for a laptop with a great design and enough power to get the job done efficiently, the MacBook is for you. Apple Laptop Price in Pakistan is increasing due to inflation, yet its market is still very competitive. helps people to get their dream apple laptop in Pakistan with all the specs they desire. We even have customizable options for the users. Here are some of the several reasons to invest in Apple Laptops. 

If you are in the market for a new MacBook in Pakistan, you may be wondering about the prices available in the country. Apple is a well-known and trusted brand in the world of laptops and computers, and its MacBook line is highly regarded for its performance, design, and build quality. In this article, we will cover the latest MacBook prices in Pakistan and highlight some of the top contenders in the market.

One of the latest and most popular MacBook models is the MacBook Air. This slim and lightweight laptop features a 13.3-inch Retina display, a powerful 8th-generation Intel Core i5 processor, and a long-lasting battery. The MacBook Air is perfect for professionals who need a portable and efficient device for work and travel. Prices for the MacBook Air start at around PKR 110,000 in Pakistan.

Another popular option is the MacBook Pro. This powerful and versatile laptop is perfect for both work and play. It features a 13.3-inch Retina display, a powerful 8th-generation Intel Core i5 processor, and a dedicated graphics card for improved performance. Prices for the MacBook Pro start at around PKR 150,000 in Pakistan.

For those on a tighter budget, the MacBook is a good option. It features a 12-inch Retina display, a 7th-generation Intel Core m3 processor, and a slim and lightweight design. Prices for the MacBook start at around PKR 90,000 in Pakistan.

In conclusion, if you are in the market for a new MacBook in Pakistan, you have many excellent options to choose from. Whether you are a professional, student, or just someone who needs a reliable and powerful laptop, Apple has a MacBook to suit your needs and budget.

Slim and relatively lightweight design 

The most significant and greatest advantage of the MacBook is that its one of the lightest laptops and is easy to carry. Their design is slim, sleek and relatively modern compared to many heavy laptop brands. They are so thin that they can fit in a bag without taking up much space. 

MacBook and Its touchpad 

The MacBook comes with a touchpad allowing control to the user on the screen with just the fingers. The touchpad is exceptional for multitasking and relatively easy to use. In addition to the basic swipe and scrolling, the touchpad features several smart gestures. Considering the user convenience, apple is rather an amenity compared to other brands.

Widescreen Advantages 

One of the main advantages of the MacBook is that it has a widescreen display. To burn to sic or watch any movie live, MacBook features the connectivity of external DVD players. A built-in DVD player is also there in some of the MacBook models.

Good battery life 

One of the main reasons people shift to laptops from a desktop is the battery. MacBook offers a premium battery life which enables the machine to run up to 7 hours on one full charge. This is much higher than the average laptops battery life which is approximately 4 hours after complete charging. The MacBook also features battery replacement for convenience. 

Easy to upgrade Options

RAM and hard drives are two of the easiest upgrades to perform. The main advantage of a MacBook is that it has an easy-to-remove battery that you can replace with another MacBook battery. Some models use only certain brands and types when upgrading memory, so its essential to know if your laptop has a particular kind of memory. 

Prominent MacBook Pro Features

The new design and the features of the MacBook Pro are worth the money. Apple is focusing on functionality and features to improve the user experience. The famous 13-inch MacBook Pro shows a number of features and here are some for you to decide:

  • Long battery life and relatively faster performance than many window laptops.
  • Retina display for better visibility - 2560 x 1600.  
  • It comes with M1 processor of Apple
  • With the inclusion of Touch Bar, it features a 2TB hard drive
  • The latest version of the magic keyboard
  • Up to 17 hours runtime for better user interface
  • Adjustable RAM ranging from 8GB to 16GB
  • 3 Ports with two thunderbolt

Price comparison - Apple Mini Laptop Price in Pakistan: 

With several configurations and a number of models to pick from, finding a deal on a MacBook Pro is not very challenging. You can find countless here at But first, lets compare its price in the Pakistan Market.  

The cheapest MacBook pro would cost you around $500 to $600, approximately 90,000 - Pkr to above. Yes! There are many Windows laptops you would get in this range, but its features are hard to find in those laptops. As for the most expensive MacBook Pros, it can cost you $6000 and above, which is approximately half a million and more PKR. These kinds of MacBooks are mainly collector items that people buy out of mere desire. As for the features, definitely, an expensive version would show more, but you will be satisfied with a regular version of the MacBook Pro as well. offers reasonable Macbook Price in Pakistan and we have an extensive range for people to explore and buy.

Simple Tips to Extend the life of MacBook Pro: 

1. Extending the life of your MacBook Pro starts with the battery. You can use your battery by plugging it only when needed. It is harmful to the machine to stay connected to the socket 24/7. The MacBook Pro has a lithium battery installed. When the battery is running, the usage pervert it from expansion and physical damage. Battery life is measured in cycles, meaning how many times your battery can be charged from 0 to 100%. If you keep your charge between 20 and 80% continuously, you are basically doubling the number of charge cycles that the battery uses during its working life. While the battery does not have enough power to power your device, it does not entirely discharge at 0%. If stored at 0%, the remaining power will be completely discharged and can cause irreparable damage to the battery.

2. Your screen can be a factor for quickly depleting the battery life. Adjust the brightness to a minimum that is comfortable for your eyes. This will save battery life, prevent them from running out, and ultimately help extend the life of your MacBook Pro.

3. Apple releases regular updates to macOS software, including occasional application and security updates. Take a careful look at enabling the automatic updating system. Your device must run the latest operating system and software to avoid performance interruptions. With this option enabled, you can still receive notifications to select when updates will be installed. Some updates are large; they may need to power your device or restart your device after the update. Scheduling updates allows you to update your device when you are not actively using it. Your device must be on for updates, but it can be in sleep or standby mode.

4. Using sleep or standby mode is not the same as turning off the machine completely. Most of the time, your laptop cannot be fully switched to low power mode because applications are running in the background. Even if you use your MacBook continuously from morning to night, we expect you to sleep at least four hours so you can turn off your device. This gives you much needed comfort and extends the life of your MacBook Pro.

5. Dont miss this next tip. It is important to clean your device regularly to make it look new, but it can also prevent dirt and grime damage. When cleaning your device, use electronic wipes, such as our antiseptic wipes for mobile devices. They are specifically designed to clean electronic devices safely and efficiently while killing 99.9% of germs.