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LED TV Price in Pakistan

Latest prices of LED TV start from 36,899 - PKR in Pakistan updated recently - January 2023.

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Summary of LED TV Price in Pakistan January 2023

LED TVs Price in Pakistan:

The starting LED TVs Price in Pakistan is Rs.17,100, with an approximate average cost is Rs.126,163.

If you seek an LED TV Price in Pakistan, you have come to the right site. We analyzed the top brands and model pricing to the average price. Examine the characteristics and reviews for each manufacturer before settling on a model that meets your requirements. You will be satisfied with your new television, and the price for an android led TV will also be reasonable.

led price in Pakistan is difficult to predict. As a result, we will provide a basic pricing estimate for LED. LED costs vary according to their size, specifications, and marketability. A single 32-inch LED usually costs approximately PKR 20,000/-. An intelligent LED of the same size would cost approximately PKR 26,000/-, and an Android LED would cost approximately PKR 29,000/-.


People purchasing a television nowadays give LED TVs more consideration than the already prevalent LCD technology. Plasma and OLED TVs have been integrated into the product catalog of TV makers. Due to its durability and other factors, every modern screen is constructed using Smart technology.

LED TVs are some of the most popular televisions today, offering sharp image clarity and strong contrasts thanks to the LEDs light quality. They are also far more energy efficient, which helps save money on your power bill. Various pricing ranges are accessible according to size, resolution, brand, and year of release.


In LED TVs, LED lights are used to form the screens backlight. They are either on or off, depending on the picture in front of us. These little LED light bulbs glow as electricity flows through them. These LEDs are far less likely to switch on and off than other display alternatives. Because of this, they outlive earlier TV technologies.

There was a period of Plasma TVs even before LED TVs got popular. There was no going back after LED TVs took over since the image quality was far clearer, and the energy economy has been much superior to anything previously available. Nowadays, Samsung and LG compete with modern LED variants such as QLED and OLED.

Pros and cons of  LED TV:

Conserve energy

A style that is lightweight and slim

Particularly long-lasting.

Less harmful to the environment.

It has a plethora of other functionality

Simple to Maintain.

Cons of LED TV:

The cost is outrageous.

Repairs are costly.

A high-quality antenna is necessitated.

Why should you switch to LED?

The main reason for switching from LCD to LED is its long lifetime. LCD TVs have a lifetime of 60,000 to 100,000 hours; however, LED TVs get a lifetime of 1 million hours, which is 20 times longer than the former. Furthermore, LED now utilizes less electricity than competing technologies on the market. Because LED has no moving components (unlike LCD), you will notice less blurring while viewing sports (fast-moving objects) on your TV.


LED TV Manufacturers in Pakistan

Annually, television technology evolves, offering new features. There wasnt an LED TV idea a couple of decades ago, and today practically every TV is digital.

LED TVs are widely available in Pakistan. Many smart TVs are available, ranging from standard LED to full HD and 4K LED. In Pakistan, many businesses are producing smart LED TVs. Some of these enterprises are international, while others manufacture televisions locally. The best six LED TVs to purchase in Pakistan will be discussed today.

Samsung led tv

Sony led TV

TCL led TV

Hair led tv

Hisense led tv

Changhong headed tv.

Specifications of LED TV:

Youd be puzzled by the diversity and technical specifications of LEDs. It is always ones deepest wish to learn a straightforward method for evaluating the specs of an LED television. This is why we have put up a list of factors to consider when purchasing an LCD television.

Display resolutions:

The resolution of a screen is measured in terms of the number of pixels that comprise the picture on display, shown in horizontal rows and vertical columns. A greater answer is usually preferable to a lesser solution since more pixels translate to a clearer image with sharper information.

Even while Full HD 1080p is currently the most popular screen resolution on a computer or TV, 4K is quickly approaching the norm and is a better option if you want to secure your investments in the future. 4K resolution, often known as Ultra High Definition, is quickly becoming the mainstream technology for live broadcasts.

Screen Dimensions

When shopping for an LED, it is vital to consider the distance that separates the LED and the viewer. There is a relationship between screen size and the range between screen and spectator.

Purchasing a larger screen LED may affect your eyes, but buying a smaller screen LED would equally strain your eyes. As a result, you should choose the largest screen size that will fit comfortably in that place and within your budget.

The fundamental rule of thumb is that the individual pixels on display can be easily distinguished. Then youre much too near to the screen. Either move back a little or get a new LED.

USB and HDMI ports:

You should check to verify whether your LED supports HDMI 2.0. HDMI connections are widely used in gaming and other media to convey visual data. It is advised that you seek at least two HDMI ports and, if feasible, the newer HDMI 2.1 protocol. With all of that, a 3.0 USB port is the icing on the cake.

Smart Function:

LED with sophisticated characteristics is in high popularity right now. These characteristics include Wi-Fi connectivity for running a few applications or a fully complete Android operating system. Each Android LED is a smart LED, whereas not every smart LED is an Android LED. So purchasing an android LED will provide us significantly more versatility than any other brilliant LED.

LED TV Dimensions

LED TVs are available in various sizes ranging from 32 to 100 inches. Every distance is measured diagonally. Some of the most popular TV sizes are as follows:

40 inches, 32 inches, 42 inches, 50 inches, 55-inch, and 60 inch

While selecting the display dimension of any TV is not just an issue of having greater crucial than being superior. When purchasing a television, choosing the appropriate size for your living room is essential. If you intend to buy a large-screen TV, you will ultimately be limited by the size of the models on the market, particularly as they get more comprehensive. is delighted to be the site of the broadest choice of electrical items and the top offering store and seller in online shopping in Pakistan. We are dedicated to exemplifying LED TV  guaranteed perfection by delivering the greatest goods in Pakistan. Explore the, find the LED TV price in Pakistan, and choose the phone of your choice. This is why our Million admirers see as their one-stop store for online shopping.

Examine Our Prices To Others

It is critical to compare LED TV Prices in Pakistan while purchasing one. It will offer you a good sense of the many possibilities on the market. Furthermore, the price range can assist you in evaluating various items and deciding which one is appropriate for your house. This will also help you determine the optimal model for your requirements. Mega. pk has numerous brands that sell LED TVs at low costs.

While determining an exact LED TV Price in Pakistan is tricky, you could anticipate a price range beginning at PKR 30,999 for a 32-inch model. The cost of an LED television in Pakistan varies substantially depending on its size, brand value, and features. A basic 32-inch LED may be purchased for as low as PKR 35,000, while a high-end, intelligent, Android-based device can cost as much as PKR 56,000. But remember that if you buy an expensive brand, you will receive more bang for your buck. is one of Pakistans largest e-commerce sites, offering various discounts and bargains. Furthermore, you may have the TV shipped to your house, which is a fantastic offer. The website provides a wide range of televisions to pick from based on your tastes and budget.


32-inch LED Price in Pakistan:

Furthermore, the price of an LED TV in Pakistan might vary greatly based on its size, specifications, and brand. A 32-inch LED may cost up to PKR 20,000, while an Android-powered smart LED can cost up to PKR 26,000 or more. Nevertheless, if youd like to purchase a nice LED at a premium price, you should stick to local companies. They have competitive rates and will provide you with the highest quality for the least amount of money.

In Pakistan, there are several brands of 32-inch LED televisions. Prices vary according to model and brand. is an excellent spot to begin your search since they have all of the most recent models of 32-inch LED TVs. Consumer reviews are also accessible, and the pricing on these TVs is among the most competitive on the market.

Smart LED TV Price in Pakistan:

A smart LED TV costs RS 48,000, a steal for a 40-inch TV. This televisions price has dropped by 11% on online retailers in the last thirty days, making it worthwhile to get a smart LED today. A 65-inch 4K UHD Android Smart LED TV is also available for RS 145,400. You will undoubtedly appreciate your new television! The pricing of these LED TVs in Pakistan varies depending on the brand. Before selecting a smart LED, you should compare pricing. Make certain that you acquire the best one for your demands and budget.

Android LED TV Price in Pakistan:

According to your pricing, you may discover various features in an Android LED TV. has a selection of 40-inch and 43-inch Android LED TVs for Rs 50,200. The Android TV offers everything, including a smaller shape and traditional shine. The 55-inch Android LED TV costs Rs 106,600 and has all the capabilities of the greatest smart android television models. If you prefer a larger screen, there is a 75-inch variant available for Rs. 280,400. Similarly, a 65-inch Android LED TV costs Rs. 131,600, while an 85-inch one costs Rs. 646,600.


What is the average price of a LED TV in Pakistan?

The average price of a LED TV in Pakistan can vary widely based on factors such as size, brand, features, and availability. You can find options at different price points, from budget-friendly models to high-end options with advanced features. To get the best deal, it is important to do research and compare prices from different retailers.

Can I find LED TVs for sale online in Pakistan?

Yes, you can find LED TVs for sale online in Pakistan through a variety of retailers, including online shopping websites and electronics stores. It is a good idea to compare prices and read reviews from other customers to find the best deal and the best-quality TV.

What features should I look for in a LED TV in Pakistan?

Some features to consider when shopping for a LED TV in Pakistan include the size, display resolution, refresh rate, and connectivity options. Larger sizes may offer a more immersive viewing experience, while higher resolutions, such as Full HD or 4K, can provide a clearer and more detailed picture. A higher refresh rate can reduce motion blur, and connectivity options, such as HDMI and USB ports, can allow you to connect a range of devices to your TV.

Are there any budget-friendly options for LED TVs in Pakistan?

Yes, there are budget-friendly options for LED TVs in Pakistan. These TVs may not have as many advanced features as higher-priced models, but they can still provide a good viewing experience for everyday use. It is a good idea to compare prices and read reviews to find the best budget-friendly option for your needs.

How can I find the best deal on a LED TV in Pakistan?

To find the best deal on a LED TV in Pakistan, you can do research and compare prices from different retailers, including online shopping websites and electronics stores. You can also check for sales or discounts, and consider purchasing a refurbished or pre-owned TV to save money. Reading reviews from other customers can also help you find the best-quality TV at a good price. It is also a good idea to consider your budget and prioritize the features that are most important to you when shopping for a LED TV.