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Macbook Air Price in Pakistan

Latest prices of Macbook Air start from 264,999 - PKR in Pakistan updated recently - January 2023.

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Summary of Macbook Air Price in Pakistan January 2023

Get Latest MacBook Air Laptop Price In Pakistan 


MacBook Air is among the most popular laptops manufactured by Apple. Though people had forgotten about it for a while, it is now making its way to the market with new specifications and technological advancements. 

Apple is bumping new specs now and again to its Air series, and this lightweight laptop is now considered a remarkable portable device. 

MacBook Air is one of the flimsiest laptops, and at we make sure people get the best deals for this device. We are offering the most reasonable Macbook Air Price in Pakistan to buyers. Available in three different colors, silver, golden and space gray, this laptop is aesthetically pleasing and excellent at work. Apple claimed it to be an environmentally-friendly laptop since it is 100 percent recyclable Aluminum. 

Why MacBook Air is Suitable for the Pakistani Market 

Due to its several remarkable features, MacBook Air is one of the most selling laptops at Apple. It is lightweight, advanced and very efficient in working. Its iconic design has made it extremely popular and suitable for professionals and students. In Pakistan, Macbook Air comes with a relatively higher price tag, so here are our notes to help you decide.

Radiant Retina Display

This product of Apple features a 2560x166 Retina display with 4 million pixels. The resulting image is sharp yet pleasing to the eye, and the colors are very catchy. The bright retina display is simply jaw-dropping compared to the previous models. MacBook Air also features a screen with almost fifty percent thinner borders to give an inclusive experience. 

Force Touch Trackpad and Latest Keyboard Generation: 

A brilliant touch bar installed on MacBook Air gives a brilliant user experience. It creates more space to adjust other keys. As the keys are not loud and the new display is entirely a revolution, it is rather inconvenient for the users to get used to it, but once they eventually do, it works amazingly. Instead of featuring touch sensitivity, MacBook Air offers an advanced model of the trackpad with 4.7 X 3. Now, the laptop is easy and user-friendly. 

Incredible Touch ID Feature: 

The new MacBook Air that is launched in 2018 features a fantastic touch ID. Now the users can not only use the touch ID to unlock the system but also protect it from any external threats. The users can protect their data, files, documents, and other settings from any harm. It is also suitable for Apple Pay, where the fingerprint sensor will help to confirm the payment.

 Sound Battery Life: 

One of the main reasons for the shift of desktops to laptops is the extended battery life. As for the MacBook, the laptop is considered a powerhouse since it offers great battery life. Among other Apple laptop series, the 2018 model has a durable battery with a backup of 12-13 hours. 

MacBook Air buying guide: How to choose your storage, RAM, and more

There are a few things the buyers of MacBook Air should know. Here is a basic buying guide for MacBook users that can help them make a decision:

CPU and GPU Options: 

MacBook Air proposes 2 models that are both powered by an M1 chip. Although this chip comes with the same name and bears almost the same features in many models, the change still exists in the form of GPU cores. 

The basic entry-level MacBook Air features a seven core GPU that is upgradable to an eight-core GPU in the high-end alternative version. 

Now it is up to the users to select the GPU cores. Generally, for non-gamers, the seven core GPU is fine. It allows them light gameplay basic and video rendering; however, we recommend an eight-core model for an advanced version. 

Storage Capacity of upto 2TB

The MacBook Air is an ultimate device that is efficient and fast. It offers an SSD option with an upgraded storage space of up to 2TB. The entry-level models start with 256GB and are upgradable to 1TB. At the same time, the high-end models have a storage capacity of 2TB. 

Now the decision is entirely upon the user and how much space they require to make things work. If there is work involving video rendering and massive storage, 2TB is more than enough. 

RAM Availability from 8GB to 16GB

The MacBook Air offers a Ram limit of 16GB, which is frankly very fast. Some users might be tempted to get the 16GB, but 8GB works equally fine. The difference occurs in the usage. For instance, the 16GB RAM is mainly for cumbersome rendering, graphic work and pro-level gameplays, while 8GB is also dedicatedly remarkable for daily professional use and studies. The M1 chip works closely with the CPU and GPU cores, resulting in reduced bottlenecks and improved performance. 

Ports and Battery Life

The MacBook Air is backed by a great battery and is thin and extremely lightweight making it a perfect portable choice. The famous M1 chip of this laptop is really fast and makes a minimal impact on the devices battery life. This way, users get more battery life and more extended hours. The average battery capacity of the MacBook Air is 15.5 hours. Moreover, when we talk about pots, this laptop has two Thunderbolt 3 ports which are compatible with USB four. 

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Tips for protecting your investment in laptops

1. Operate your laptop in a safe and stable surroundings. Please do not put it on jagged or uneven surfaces. Never leave it on the floor where it can be stepped on or kicked. 

2. Keep liquids away from your laptop. As attractive as drinking coffee, soda, or anything near a laptop sounds like, these liquids can spill and ruin the keyboard.

3. The screen of your laptop is a delicate part. Some people put stuff on the screen when the laptop is closed, which is very bad. It can cause a loose strip and compromise the screen quality. So, do not place or drop objects on it

4. Before closing the laptop, make sure to see there are no small items on the keyboard, such as pencils or small headphones. They can be harmful to the display. If the item is rough, the screen will be scratched. So, carefully close the lid. 

5. Clean your laptop twice a week to remove dust particles. Many tech users advise cleaning it daily and deep cleaning once a week.