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Printer Price in Pakistan

Latest prices of Printer start from 24,499 - PKR in Pakistan updated recently - January 2023.

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Summary of Printer Price in Pakistan January 2023

Printer price in Pakistan:

The cheapest printer price in Pakistan starts from. 4,500 and ranges from 67,759 rupees. The costs of Printers have been compiled from a wide variety of Pakistans most reliable online merchants.


One of those pieces of hardware utilized in the capacity of an external computing device on an almost universal scale is the printer. It is used in various settings, ranging from workplaces and residences to restaurants and grocery stores, among other places. There are a wide variety of varieties, all of which are marketed in various parts of the globe and fulfill multiple functions. The most fundamental process of a printer is to accept graphical output from a computer or any other device connected to it and then print that output onto sheets of paper that are a standard measurement by the printers parameters.

You may discover examples of common kinds all across the globe. In most homes and businesses, laser printers, HP printers, LED printers, business inkjet printers, home inkjet printers, multi-function printers, and dot-matrix printers are the most common types of printers utilized. Every printer is best suited for a certain sort of usage. You must first identify your needs to choose which printer is best for you. Some offer print in black and white, while others provide color prints in RGB/CMYK.

Prints in black-and-white and prints in color:

Your prints may be monochrome (that is, black and white) or color, depending on the printers settings. What print you want is entirely up to you and your discretion. Although some printers can only produce monochrome prints, a few can create color prints. You may search through our whole assortment to find the printers that cost the least in Pakistan if you are interested in the price of color printers in Pakistan.

Top printer manufacturers:

  • Canon.
  • HP.
  • Brother.
  • Lexmark.
  • Epson.
  • Xerox.
  • Ricoh.
  • Konica Minolta.
  • Kyocera.


  • You may easily transfer info to a sheet, which is convenient and preserve it to use at any moment without risk of lost information.
  • You may discreetly deliver the papers by hand without revealing your identity, just as you might immediately identify the surnames in email.
  • It is a vital instrument for authors, students, and office employees since they may obtain a hard copy of anything they write in soft copy.
  • It might be challenging to understand soft papers at times. You can acquire the necessary facts fast by printing the same content.


  • The biggest downside of printers is that they utilize a lot of power when operating. As a result, it is a significant expenditure for the offices and merchants that manage a copying business.
  • Printers are expensive as they require paper ink and numerous other components.
  • This is not environmentally friendly since the ink or toners contain carbons, which harm the ecosystem.


A printer is a device that accepts visual output and texts from a computer and sends the information to standard-size sheets of printed paper. Printers vary in terms of speed, size, performance, or cost. Very costly printers are often used for higher-resolution color printing and work. Impact and non-impact printers are the two types of printers. An impacting printer makes contact with the paper during printing. Non-impact printers do not make any contact with the form when printing. The four highly desired printer characteristics are:


Customers who want to print pages for maps, presentations, and other sheets where color is an integral element of the data are the ones who need the color to be there. Color printers often cost more than their monochrome counterparts since they usually can print pages in black and white. Printing photos and 3D content have become increasingly common applications using the most recent developments in color printing technology.


The resolution of a printer is expressed in dots per inch. High-resolution printers provide clearer, sharper pictures that are ideal for printing formal papers. Mega. Pk offers low-cost printers.


If consumers use the printer on a routine basis, the printers speed is critical. Printers generally print three to six sheets per minute, although few may print up to 600 pages per minute.


The greater memory you have, the faster you will be. Most printers default to 1 megabyte of memory; however, since memory is adjustable, customers may expand it. Mega. pk has the best printer price in Pakistan 2022.

Printers are classified into many types. Printers are classified into the following groups based on the technologies used:

Dot-Matrix Printers price in Pakistan:

A common kind of new printer puts text and graphics on paper by printing a pattern of dots representing the letters and pictures the user wants to see. The Dot-Matrix Printer is an example of an Impact Printer; this kind of printer uses a print head, a network of metal pins, to fire an inked ribbon at the paper and create an image by printing tens or hundreds of dots. Dot-Matrix Printers are distinguished from one another primarily by two factors:

1) Speed: The rate of its movement is expressed in characters per second (cps). The speed of the dot-matrix may range from fifty to five hundred characters per second (Cps).

2)Print Quality The printing quality is determined by the number of pins, varying from nine to twenty-four.

Inkjet Printers price in Pakistan:

Because of their low price point and good printing quality, inkjet printers are very popular for homes and small businesses. Inkjet printers of sufficient quality can produce full-color hard copies with a resolution of 600 dpi. Many inkjet printers are packaged along with other devices, such as a scanner, fax machine, and photocopier, in addition to the printer itself. An inkjet printer deposits very small droplets directly onto the paper to create an image. The dots have a diameter that is far less than that of human hair. There has a resolution of up to 1440x720 dots per inch, allowing for very precise placement of the dots. These printers have several benefits, one of which is that they are portable and take up a small amount of room. In their most basic form, they are non-impact printers.

Laser Printers price in Pakistan:

Non-impact printers are employed for printing on a big scale and of high quality and are referred to as laser printers. Laser printers are one of the most effective types of printers. They are among the high-speed printers used most often and can be purchased from the market. Printing using a laser printer is done somewhat differently than with other printers. Rather than ink, it utilizes a very mild and tiny powder called toner. After some time has passed, the toner will be transferred to the paper using a combination of temperature and pressure. The method of printing using a laser printer is similar to that of photocopiers. Laser printers produce exceptionally high-quality prints and can reproduce various typefaces. These printers have several advantages, one of which is that they are far less noisy than other printers. HP, Xerox, and Lexmark are just a few companies that make laser printers.

LCD & LED Printers in Pakistan:

Such printers are very comparable to laser printers. However, they use light-emitting diodes or liquid crystals instead of laser technology to produce a picture on the disc. These LCD and LED Printers come at a bit of a premium price, but they are, without a doubt, the topic of conversation.

Thermal Printers in Pakistan:

Thermal printers rely on heat to transfer a design from the printing surface onto the paper. Thermal printers may be divided into two categories: desktop and industrial. The first method is thermal wax transfer, which employs an ink built on wax. These printers do not need a certain kind of paper to function properly. The second method is called direct thermal printing, and it works by printing an image by burning dots into a sheet of paper that has been coated. Fax machines utilized the Direct Thermal printing technique in the past. Mega. pk is the place to get the best printers in 2023 at affordable pricing.

Mega is the greatest place in Pakistan to get the most up-to-date printers at affordable prices. Find the all-in-one printer price in Pakistan, their specs, reviews, and recommendations for the top local online stores and dealers of printers, and compare those prices.


What is the price of the printer in Pakistan?

The low price printer in Pakistan starts at. 4,500 and ranges from 67,759 rupees. The prices of Printers have been obtained from a large selection of Pakistans most reputable online retailers.

What is the computer printer price in Pakistan?

The lowest price discovered for Printers in Pakistan was Rs.3,999, while the best price we could find was Rs.20,439.


Laser Printer Prices in Pakistan

Laser printers are a popular choice for businesses and individuals who need to print high volumes of documents or materials on a regular basis. These printers use toner rather than ink, which allows them to produce sharp, crisp, and high-quality prints at a faster rate than inkjet printers. If you are in the market for a new laser printer in Pakistan and are wondering about the prices and features available, you are in luck. In this article, we will take a closer look at laser printer prices in Pakistan and highlight some of the top features to consider when shopping for a laser printer.

Laser printers are available in a wide range of prices in Pakistan, making it easy to find an option that fits your budget and needs. Budget-friendly laser printers are available for those who are looking for a basic model for everyday use, while mid-range and high-end options are available for those who want more advanced features and a more premium experience.

To give you a better idea of the price range for laser printers in Pakistan, here is a rough breakdown:

  • Budget-friendly: PKR 20,000 to PKR 80,000
  • Mid-range: PKR 40,000 to PKR 80,000
  • High-end: PKR 80,000 to PKR 120,000

Keep in mind that these are just rough estimates and prices may vary depending on the specific model and features you choose. It is always a good idea to do your own research and compare prices from multiple retailers to find the best deal on a laser printer in Pakistan.

When shopping for a laser printer in Pakistan, there are several key features to consider. These include the print speed, print quality, connectivity options, and paper handling capabilities of the printer. It is also important to consider the size and weight of the printer, as well as its noise level and power consumption.

In conclusion, laser printers are a popular and efficient choice for those who need to print high volumes of documents or materials on a regular basis. With a wide range of prices and features available in Pakistan, it is easy to find a laser printer that fits your budget and needs. Whether you are looking for a basic model for everyday use or a high-end printer with advanced features, you are sure to find a laser printer that meets your needs and budget.