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Laptop Price in Pakistan

Latest prices of Laptop start from 68,999 - PKR in Pakistan updated recently - January 2023.

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Summary of Laptop Price in Pakistan January 2023

Laptop Price in Pakistan

Laptops are no more a simple compact box with a screen and a keyboard; they have gotten far away in this line. Now, they are known with different names like Notebook, Tablet phone, Ultra book and a sleek book. Luckily, only a few people can tell from one to another. Same is the case with Laptops in Pakistan, which are known by their brand names rather then their species or genre. offers its customers sizzling packages of laptops and their accessories, depleting upon your need and pocket size. The most well-liked brands offered at include Dell and HP. On the other hand, Sony and Apple are the premium Laptop brands offered by Laptop prices in Pakistan vary with the number of brand names present in the market. also offers some other brands, which include Acer, Asus, Compaq, Fujitsu, Lenovo, Samsung and Toshiba. These Laptop brands may not be as tempting as Apple, Sony, Dell and HP, but are competitive enough as they also provide us some unique features. When these brands are compared, one can clearly tell the difference based on the Laptop Prices in Pakistan; else they all are somewhat similar.

A lay man might pick up a laptop just on the appearance, whereas these brands struggle on the back end to make their product faster and reliable so they get picked up. Moreover, Laptops in Pakistan now focus on the outer side as much as they do to the inner side. has also made it easy for you to compare and choose between two to three laptops at a time, so that you do not have to go through an in-depth analysis of their features, specs as well as prices. Hence, it makes easier for its customers to get the best deal in town.

Latest Laptop prices in Pakistan 2023 – Buy Best Laptop from 


Laptops have evolved as a necessity for the modern epoch due to their immense usage and convenience. People now have these technical devices in their hands to supervise everything. From home usage to study and then commercial use, people rely on computers and laptops. Many schools are beginning to ask students to bring laptops along for a better learning experience. As Pakistan evolves rapidly into a tech-savvy country, these machines act as the backbone for learning, developing, and achieving. You can now efficiently take notes in class, present business plans in any setting, or more, can have a fast device to work from anywhere.

We dont feel like fossils and act our age with just these laptops being in our hands. As for the Laptop price in Pakistan, with a reasonable amount, everyone can get one. Initially, desktop computers stood as the most familiar computers, but laptops have long substituted traditional PC devices. Despite their small size, getting a laptop for work and study makes things simpler and more accessible. You can get the best of both worlds, connect with people, access the worlds knowledge with a few clicks, and all you can do is just by sitting in your bed. Their portability is one of the key reasons the majority is bending towards these devices. Here are a few day-to-day life benefits researched for the customers that make laptops essentials:

Group work facilitation with laptops

Yes! Laptops facilitate group activities, especially when students are working together on a project. Their portability allows students to sit anywhere and plan the layout, working schedule, actual working, and analysis of results. They can meet anywhere; access each others work, make notes at hand, and study better. It helps them to connect with the world in a better way.

Accessibility and connectivity is better with laptops

The most significant edge of laptops is letting learners access data by simply connecting to the Internet. With more locations offering free Wi-Fi, getting an internet connection is more painless than ever. Additionally, access to educational programs and websites can improve performance.

Excellent performance

Laptops are more valuable and useful than most desktop computers. For example, most central processing units in notebook computers have faster processing speeds than standard desktop computers. Linking to the Internet from a laptop is faster and more efficient.

A tool to polish talent

The features of a laptop have proven useful in many ways. If you are a talented person and want to do something to show the world, laptops can help you better than a desktop computer. You can write, edit, make photos beautiful, play with graphics, edit videos, and record sounds from anywhere in the world.

Buying guide for laptops - 2022

Either youre a Windows laptop fan, a Mac fan, or looking to try a new technology, first you should be aware of what to search for in a laptop before investing the money. There is more to view than just its operating system.

From thousands of pounds of advanced gaming machines to cheap Chrome boxes costing less than 50,000 PKR, many options are on the market. To begin peeking into the right laptop type, you should first consider what laptop is for.

Display Size

The screens dimensions depend on where you plan to use the laptop. If the device stays on a table most of the time in your study, you can enjoy the big screen with higher resolution. If you desire something that you can quickly put in a bag and confidently use in a train, go for something smaller and lighter display. Treat it like a balancing act - small laptops naturally have small keyboards, which can be painful to use for long periods of time.

Central Processing Unit or CPU

To employ the widely habituated analogy, the CPU is the laptops brain. It implies the more powerful the laptop is if it has more processors. Two or more processors are included in latest laptops. A dual core processor delivers plenty of processing power for primary home use such as checking emails, scrolling social media, and watching YouTube. Selecting a CPU with four or more cores will improve performance and reduce stuttering for more in-depth video editing and gaming tasks.


Memory, or RAM, determines how much work your laptop can do simultaneously. If you usually work with extensive documents, edit files that are several gigabytes in size; for example, RAM will provide your laptop with headroom it needs to keep things from slowly stopping. Generally, 8GB is the minimum and will happily accommodate everyday use, but if you can afford it, you can expand it up to 16GB. Memory is one of the most inexpensive parts in a machine to boost, and as newer laptops get faster, one becomes obsolete.

Storage Capacity

With the dawn of online streaming, cloud-based repositories, and improved hard drive space control tools, moderate users dont have to stress too much about the limitations of local storage. While finding the branded best laptop in Pakistan, the hard drive size defines how many files you can store before you start deleting things to make room.  A good starting point for everyday casual usage is 256GB.

The type of the hard drive is the most significant aspect. A solid-state drive (or SSD) makes the work fast, resulting in faster file transfers and boot times. A traditional hard drive (or HDD) is less expensive, so its a bit slower yet shows many capabilities.

Ports in a laptop

While CPU, RAM, and hard drive performance will be most affected, the number and type of ports on your laptop are also substantial. In a branded laptop, there are several ports a user can utilize. Yes, it would help if you have these to connect things to your laptop in various ways, such as USB devices or simply recharge anything. However, a standard working laptop needs at least 1 USB-C, 1 USB-A, and a jack for attaching microphone / headphone.

Graphic credit

Graphic cards in a laptop are mostly built-in the motherboard with the processor, while some are technically known as discrete graphics and GPUs. This integrated graphics approach is suitable for most users. It lets them watch HD movies and play colloquial games without irritation. If you are a gamer or edit a lot of videos, you need a laptop with a single graphics card, a separate graphics card, and much more.

Price comparison of laptops - branded laptop price in Pakistan 2022

Laptop prices in the Pakistan tech market are changing. Due to the increase in dollar rates, everything is expensive and so do the laptops. You can discover a varied array of laptops here at, and the price is also cheap. As a tech store, we always focus on the quality of products and make sure people get their moneys worth. The price comparison of laptops in big cities and small towns is definitely different. Like the Laptop price in Lahore is slightly more than prices in the Karachi market. However, one of the major reasons for the price change is its specs or features. You can go from a few thousand to a million for a laptop.

Many online stores offer high specs laptops and present their features in a very catchy tone. This lets the users believe they need this specific kind of laptop for everyday use. However, the case is different. Do you know you can save money on laptops just by familiarizing yourself with the specs and comparing them to your needs? Yes, its that simple. All you need to do is assess your usage and dig deep a little further into the market to analyze your demand. If you dont do this, the buying decisions are probably not for you. Indeed, a laptop with higher specs will work, but what if you are down sold?


Essentials of a laptop:

The worth of a laptop depends on its specs; the higher they are, the more price the seller demands. Remember, you can always change the specs by upgrading RAM power and hard drive space. If you are a graphic designer or a gamer, a graphic card will go a long way. As for easy daily tasks, you can go for an SSD along with storage space. This will help your laptop sort out storage capacity. Different laptops come with different ports, and it is up to your usage to select the one with more ports or fewer. As for displays, they also vary from smaller to bigger and thicker to thinner. 


Why do laptop prices differ?

Nowadays, purchasing a laptop is not a confusing and challenging task as you can compare laptops online at and make a great purchase decision. To analyze Laptop prices in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and all the big and small cities, we help you compare based on price, user rating, performance, battery, brand, operating system, screen type, RAM, storage, and various other factors.

We have an extensive assortment of HP, Dell, Samsung, Vivo, Apple, and Sony laptops here. You can purchase them according to your needs and budget.

This online comparison of famous brands by different standards sounds like a fresh breeze for gadget lovers. We also offer bespoke products where users can customize laptops.


What does offer?

We offer high grade laptops in a diverse range. You can easily search and find all branded laptops on our website. The rates are very low-priced related to the market, and the quality is high. This is the reason people trust us, and we have been working for many years to retain this trust.

Surely you can customize laptops, and we are happy to do it. Our researchers first analyze the specs of a laptop and then write a detailed analysis of specifications and features to help people decide which laptop is the best. We offer the best brands, from high specifications to a simple household laptop.

 Best laptop in pakistan:

When it comes to choosing the best laptop in Pakistan, there are many factors to consider. These include performance, display quality, battery life, and overall value for money. Some of the top contenders for the title of the best laptop in Pakistan include the Dell XPS 13, the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon, and the HP Spectre x360.

The Dell XPS 13 is a slim and lightweight laptop with a stunning Full HD display and a powerful 8th generation Intel Core i7 processor. It is perfect for professionals who need a portable and efficient device for work and travel.

The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon is another excellent choice for professionals. It features a slim and lightweight design, a 14-inch Full HD display, and a powerful 12th generation Intel Core i7 processor. It is also equipped with a long-lasting battery and a durable build, making it perfect for business use.

The HP Spectre x360 is a 2-in-1 laptop that can be used as a laptop or a tablet. It features a stunning 13.3-inch Full HD touchscreen display, a powerful 8th generation Intel Core i7 processor, and a long-lasting battery. It is perfect for those who need a versatile device for both work and play.

Latest and Cheap Laptops in Pakistan:

Are you in the market for a new laptop in Pakistan? If so, you may be wondering about the latest generation of laptops and the best prices available in major cities like Karachi and Lahore. In this article, we will cover the latest laptop generation, the best laptops in Pakistan, and where to find the best prices for laptops in the country.

One of the latest generations of laptops to hit the market is the 10th generation Intel Core processors. These processors offer improved performance and efficiency, making them a popular choice for professionals and power users. If you are looking for the latest and greatest in laptop technology, you should consider a laptop with a 10th generation processor.

When it comes to laptop prices in Pakistan, Karachi and Lahore are two of the biggest markets. In Karachi, you can find a wide range of laptop prices, with options starting at around PKR 30,000 for a budget laptop and going up to over PKR 150,000 for a high-end model. In Lahore, you can also find a wide range of prices, with options starting at around PKR 30,000 and going up to over PKR 150,000.

If you are on a tight budget, you may be wondering where to find cheap laptop prices in Pakistan. There are several options available, including online marketplaces like Daraz and Kaymu, as well as local electronics stores. You can also find good deals on refurbished laptops, which are typically cheaper than brand new models.

When it comes to the best laptops in Pakistan, there are many great options to choose from. Some of the top contenders include the Dell XPS 13, the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon, and the HP Spectre x360. These laptops offer a great combination of performance, style, and affordability, making them a popular choice for professionals, students, and everyday users.

In conclusion, if you are in the market for a new laptop in Pakistan, you have many excellent options to choose from. Whether you are looking for the latest generation of laptops, the best prices in Karachi or Lahore, or the best laptops in Pakistan, there is something to suit your needs and budget.


Tips for protecting your investment in laptops

Because a laptop is expensive to replace, you must know how to take care of it. Its an investment that can pay for itself many times over.

1. Operate your laptop in a safe and stable surrounding. Please do not put it on jagged or uneven surfaces. Never leave it on the floor where it can be stepped on or kicked. 

2. Keep liquids away from your laptop. As attractive as drinking coffee, soda, or anything near a laptop sounds like, these liquids can spill and ruin the keyboard.

3. The screen of your laptop is a delicate part. Some people put stuff on the screen when the laptop is closed, which is very bad. It can cause a loose strip and compromise the screen quality. So, do not place or drop objects on it.

4. Do not insert foreign objects into the laptop. When you turn it off, make sure all the cables from the ports are out.

5. Before closing the laptop, make sure to see there are no small items on the keyboard, such as pencils or small headphones. They can be harmful to the display. If the item is rough, the screen will be scratched. So, carefully close the lid. 

6. Clean your laptop twice a week to remove dust particles. Many tech users advise cleaning it daily and deep cleaning once a week. 

7. Keep food away from your laptop. Dont eat on your laptop. The crumbs can go down and damage the keyboard buttons.