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Apple Watch Price in Pakistan

Latest prices of Apple Watch start from 70,499 - PKR in Pakistan updated recently - December 2022.

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Apple Watch Price in Pakistan:


Apple Inc. introduced the Apple Smart Watch to enhance the functionality of the iPhone and provide consumers with a unique new feature they can brag about. Apple divides its smartwatches into successive generations, each distinguished by several characteristics, including their dimensions, style, color, tech, functionality, etc. Several Apple Watch details were previously reported, although here is the initial glance at what would undoubtedly remain the greatest famous wristwatch in the industry.

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Frequently those considering buying an Apple Watch raise the question of how much does Apple Watch cost in Pakistan. Here this article contains a discussion about the apple watch price in Pakistan.

The most recent pricing information for Apple Watch in Pakistan begins at 65,999 PKR. Apple presently sells several Apple Watch versions on its website.

In Pakistan, Apple Smart Watch may be purchased for a start of Rs. 37,999. Apple Watch Series 3, Apple | Watch SE - 44mm Silver Aluminum Case with Sport Band, Apple | Watch SE - 40mm Silver Aluminum Case with Sport Band, and Apple | Watch SE - 40mm Space Gray Aluminum Case with Sport Band are examples of popular items that can be purchased in Pakistan.


 Pros of the Apple watch:

Pay with Apple.

The newest series has a screen that is constantly active.

You can get notifications on your Apple wristwatch.

Great exercise and health tracker and data recorder.

Apart from time management, the iWatch operates similarly to the iPhone.

Cons of Apple watch:

Daily charging is required.

Mostly usable with iPhone.

The lifespan of the battery is quite inadequate.

There is no connection for headphones.

It is not durable.

The maps load quite slowly.

It emits EMF Radiation that might harm the users health.

The Apple Watch comes at a high price.

On your hand, it will only display some of the alerts.



Considerations While Purchasing:

When deciding to purchase an Apple Watch, it is essential to be aware that the device cannot and will not ever take the role of your iPhone but rather serves as an accessory.

Because of the iPhone Watchs limited functionality, you might reach for your phone regularly. The Watch is not a suitable replacement for your phone in terms of performance.

Furthermore, the new series is not dissimilar to the one which emerged before it. It has only a little updated information, and these notifications arent created that much of a distinction compared to the last series.

Since you currently have the Series 4, you can neglect the current one and wait for it until the following series gets out, featuring enhancements that are worth hiding until you should consider purchasing them.

Common Features:

If you are also a potential purchaser of this wristwatch and are looking for the most important Apple Watch features and advantages, you have come to the correct spot.

Apple has included several exclusive capabilities into the Watch so that it may serve as a true complement to the iPhone - there isnt a great deal of copying; however, the Watch goes beyond delivering sensors not found on Apples iPhone and iPad.

The Apple Watch stands out from other smartwatches in several ways, including its taptic engine for haptic feedback on updates and other alerts, its heart rate monitor and motion sensors for exercise traceability, its built-in Bluetooth assistance for communicating with gadgets, and its digital crown for navigation without taking up valuable screen real estate.


Who Would Buy an Apple Watch?

It is designed for customers who like wearing flashy devices that merely give them a moment but also can function as an extension of their iPhones. Beneficial for health-conscious individuals who wish to monitor their daily activities & keep a record of their heartbeat, anxiety state, the number of calories they burned, and other relevant data.


How Does It Work?

Most models of watches that support pairing with an iPhone and running the watchOS software may receive alerts, texts, and voice calls. The iWatch comes with pre-installed applications like Maps, Mail, Music, Wallet, Stocks, Reminders, Messages, etc., which can communicate with their iOS equivalents. Additionally, it has wellness applications that monitor the users regular exercise and transfers the data to the iPhones health applications for evaluation and logbook.


Apple Smartwatch Collections

Apple furthermore categorizes its watches into five collections depending on the pairings of the casing, straps, & unique watch designs available, notably the 1st gen-present, which exclusively provided stainless steel bands.

The aluminum casings, sports bands, or woven nylon straps were standard equipment for the first generation Sport series. Aluminum casings and Nike sports bands or sport loops are standard equipment for all Nike+ models from Series 2 forward.

The Apple Hermès (1st generation to present) has a stainless steel case and a Hermès leather watch band. It also comes with a Hermès orange sport band that is only available through Apple. The first generation-Series 3 edition had ceramic cases and different bands. The 18-karat yellow or rose gold was used for the first Apple Watch Edition.


You can perform a few tasks with your Apple Watch without using your iPhone.

The Apple Watch is small and drapes easily on your hand, which is one of its primary selling points. It is intended for mobile users.

The Apple Watch might appeal less to athletic individuals when it only operates near an iPhone. In the following parts, well go through some of the things your Apple Watch can do independently.

Play some songs:

If you have favorite songs from your Apple Smart playlists stored on your Watch, you might enjoy songs using Wireless earbuds from anywhere without needing to connect to your phone.

Use Apple Pay to buy items.

Apple Pay is a highly useful tool that operates using any Apple Watch. Your Apple Wallet keeps your bank or debit card details and utilizes them to make digital purchases.

You can use Apple Pay even if you dont have your phone adjacent or mobile or wireless connectivity even if you dont have your smartphone close. However, Apple Pay isnt authorized anywhere since not all stores and banks get the specialized machines or credit card scanners required to process the payment method.


Utilizing the Timers application on your Apple Watch, you can simultaneously set multiple timers. This might be helpful if, for example, you are making dinner and want to simultaneously keep track of the cooking process for many items.


There is no need for online or mobile hotspots to use the Timers app.

Monitor health parameters:

Aside from your exercise, the Apple Watch can measure various other health data without using your phones, such as your heart rate and blood oxygen levels. Whereas if the Watch detects any major irregularities in your heart rhythm, it will alert you so you may visit a physician.

Even while asleep, the Apple gadget monitors your breathing and may provide information on how much you rest and how many breaths you inhale each minute.

Wireless or cellular connectivity is not required for these capabilities to be operational.


What is the price of the Apple Watch in Pakistan?

The Apple Watch model Apple Watch SE 40MM Black GPS 2021 begins at Rs. 70,499.

Whats the cheapest Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch model Apple Watch SE 40MM Black GPS 2021 begins at Rs. 70,499.

Is Apple Watch worth buying?

The quick answer is yes.

Why is Apple watches so expensive?

Even though the Apple Watch is great at keeping track of fitness, Apple also doesn't waste money on things like sturdiness and construct performance. The Apple Watch is also more costly than other smartwatches in the industry.

Can we connect Apple Watch to Android?

No, thats the simple answer. You cant connect an Apple Watch to an Android phone, whether Samsung makes it, One Plus, or Google, or what edition of Android its functioning.

Is Apple Watch waterproof?

Apple Watch is rated water resistant 50 meters.

Can you use Apple Watch as a phone?

If youre not near your phone, the Apple Watch can make phone calls and sends messages.

Whats the purpose of an Apple Watch?

It is the consummate tool for leading a fit and active life. As its carried around the hand, Apple Watch could do activities that none of the other gadgets could. Whenever you use it, you receive relevant health information and connectivity to the persons and places that are more important to you. It analyzes all the many methods in which you exercise throughout the day.

Is Apple Watch worth buying?

Yes, most definitely! There are many options for the Apple Watch, from a standalone cellular model that lets you leave your phone behind while you work out to a WiFi-only model that gives you access to Apples vast app ecosystem.

Whats the difference between Apple Watch SE and 8?

The Watch Series 8 features the Apple A13 Bionic chipset, while the Series SE uses the S6, chipset. Although the Watch SE is not as advanced as the Series 8, Apple claims the SE is twice as fast as the Series 3. One of the major features unique to the Watch Series 8 is blood oxygen sensors, High and low heart rate notification, and Irregular rhythm notification.

Can you answer calls on Apple Watch without a phone?

When your Apple Watch is connected to Wi-Fi or cellular service, it is able to perform many functions, even if your iPhone is not present. Siri is available to help you with directions or to send messages. Send and receive messages. Make and answer phone calls.

Can you text on the Apple Watch?

Your Apple Watch Messages app allows you to compose and send messages containing text, images, emojis, Emoji stickers, and audio clips.