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Samsung Smart Watch Price in Pakistan

Latest prices of Samsung Smart Watch start from 29,999 - PKR in Pakistan updated recently - January 2023.

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Summary of Samsung Smart Watch Price in Pakistan January 2023

Samsung Smart Watches Price in Pakistan:

The cheapest Samsung Smart Watch in Pakistan is Rs.16,799, with an estimated standard value of Rs.39,965.


Samsung, one of the worlds most significant consumer electronics manufacturers, has a massive product lineup. This includes smartwatches, which complement their flagship product, smartphones. These are great for folks who desire instant alerts, fitness monitors, and other features. The Samsung smartwatch line has a variety of alternatives, all of which are among the finest on the market. These are based on Linux software, which is also the foundation for Android. Samsung smartwatches seem expensive, but they are loaded with functions.

In the global market for technology goods, Samsung is regarded by many as either one of the most trustworthy brands or as the most reliable brand overall. Because Samsung tends to join markets in which they already have a significant portion of the market share, Samsungs opponents have always been very concerned about the companys ability to maintain its dominant position in the industry. Find the Samsung watches list and lowest deals on Samsung Smart Watches in Pakistan when you shop at mega. pk.


Samsung, which dominates the market for transportable electronic devices, has also recently expanded into the wearable sector. One has a lot of options to choose from when it comes to smartwatches. Compared to the Apple Watch, which has a somewhat contemporary appearance, the Samsung smartwatches have a much more natural appearance. This provides an advantage for Samsung since its watches may more easily blend in with ones attire than those of competitors.

Samsung smartwatches are powered by Linux and are compatible exclusively with Android-based smartphones and tablets. Because it has a touchscreen, the display makes the product very user-friendly. Shows powered by AMOLED, which are both brilliant and crystal clear. The three distinct product lines are the Samsung Galaxy Gear, Galaxy Watch Active, and Gear Sport.

In addition to its interoperability with mobile devices, the Samsung Smart Watch also has another field of use. The most recent watches are equipped with 3G connectivity, which enables the user to send texts, make calls, check email, and read alerts even when the Phone is not near the watch.

Things to know before buying a Samsung watch:

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is scheduled to debut on January 31, 2000. presenting the essential requirements and characteristics. The Samsung Galaxy Watch price in Pakistan is Rs. 36,899, equivalent to $231.

A wide variety of high-tech, fashionable, and forward-thinking smartwatches are available on the market nowadays. You may get one to complement the lavish lifestyle you lead or spice up your appearance. Each manufacturer provides a selection of high-quality features and customizations that are included in the smartwatches that they sell to meet the needs of its customers. Do you care more about the brand, or do you desire a smartwatch for the helpful features it possesses? We have many of our best-selling smartwatches reserved for you, so dont worry about missing out.

The most technologically advanced and ubiquitous smartphones, laptops, and smartwatches are all manufactured by Samsung, the most successful intelligent android technology firm in the world. However, before choosing a smartwatch, there are a few things you have to take into consideration first.


Depending on how you want to use your wristwatch, the storage space included inside it should be more than what is required. If you want to listen to a considerable amount of music, the storage capacity of your watch must be more than what is necessary. Customers with storage issues might benefit from Samsungs several storage options, each of which has a high capacity.


One should make it a priority to use up only some of their battery power in the middle of an essential function or before the conclusion of the day since doing so might leave a person in a low condition. There are several different smartwatches on the market, each with high-quality components; moreover, their battery lives are short. The Samsung smartwatches have long-lasting battery life, allowing you to listen to your favorite music and attend to important calls without worrying about running out of juice.

Overall Look:

If your smartwatch has all of the necessary capabilities that individual demands, but it is less handsome and has little style included, then there are better choices. When you go out in public, you do not want to be seen wearing a watch that looks ordinary wrapped across your arm. Its hard not to swoon over Samsungs jaw-dropping designs for its smart technology gadgets, such as its smartwatches.


The public eagerly adopts every newly developed technology, which also holds true for the wristwatch. The market even desired this technology as Samsung introduced it; thus, there was no need to develop it further. Additionally, individuals are eager to test out cutting-edge technologies.

  • It does encourage a healthy way of living. The ability to provide jogging steps or heart rate will allow individuals to work out.
  • In reality, this watch may be linked to your Phone and deliver instant alerts of events on the Phone on the smartwatch.
  • It has cellular capabilities and the ability to receive and send messages from the watch. That is why this smartwatch has been regarded as the most practical.
  • The smartwatch is trendy. People appreciate it when they wear such watches. They feel great when wearing it.


The downsides of the wristwatch may be evaluated here since it occasionally prevents the usage of specific actions that may be hazardous for both the gadget and the user. Overcharging a wristwatch or smartphone, for example, may cause some disruption in the device. So let us look at a few aspects here.

  • Smartwatches provide excellent specifications and features, but they may be costly. As a result, these aspects must be understood by the consumers.
  • Even though the functions of a mobile phone are included in this itty-bitty watch, the display is quite constrained in size. People would have trouble carrying out activities on their mobile phones, such as texting and calling.
  • We can perform some simple things with it, such as telling the time, setting the alarm, and keeping track of the number of steps we have taken, but its primary purpose is to replace our smartphones.

Best Smart Watches of Samsung:

The following are Samsungs top-tier smartwatch offerings:

Samsung Galaxy Watch price in Pakistan:

This particular smartwatch is one of the most well-known examples of Samsungs work in the field. It is not heavy at all, and it keeps you up to date regarding your exercise regimen, sleep hours, and all of those other features that have been set over it. As a result, it fulfills the purpose for which it was created.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active:

The word active in the watchs moniker gives you the impression that wearing it will encourage you to lead a more active lifestyle. Users are encouraged to establish healthy habits by using it, and all they have to do is wear it on their wrist like a regular watch, even though the devices function is far more significant.

Samsung Gear sport:

The word active in the watchs moniker gives you the impression that wearing it will encourage you to lead a more active lifestyle. Users are encouraged to establish healthy habits by using it, and all they have to do is wear it on their wrist as a regular watch, even though the devices function is far more significant.

Samsung Gear Fit2 pro:

During the track walk, participants would want to keep track of the number of steps they have taken. The fact that the word pro is included in its title indicates that it comes with upgraded renditions of the specifications that come with the gear sport watch.

Samsung Galaxy Fit:

The look is so sophisticated that the user will immediately fall in love with it. Wearing this watch will unquestionably be a delight for gentlemen who are enthusiastic about maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. The user can swim while wearing it and record the muscular contractions that occur while doing so.

Samsung Watch Price in Pakistan:

The price tag on a Samsungs top Customers who shop online has shown the main interest in the issue of selling smartwatches. The table is shown below here. We have gone through the various Samsung smartwatch models and their corresponding pricing in Pakistan.


Model NamePrice In Pakistan
Samsung Galaxy Watch 3PKR 49,999
Samsung Galaxy Active 2PKR 37,785
Samsung S3 SmartwatchPKR 28,499
Samsung Fit 3PKR 7,390
Samsung Galaxy S4PKR 31,999
Samsung Galaxy GearPKR 22,999




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What is the price of a Galaxy Watch in Pakistan?

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Price In Pakistan Is Rs. 36,899

Can you text on a Samsung watch?

It was never simpler to chat while you were on the go than it is with the Bluetooth and LTE smart watches that Samsung offers. You dont even need to remove your Galaxy phone from your pocket to use the preloaded Messages software to compose new messages, view and respond to incoming messages, or see and respond to outgoing messages.

Can Samsung watch make calls?

To use your watch to make calls, if it is a Bluetooth model, it has to be paired with your Phone and linked to it through Bluetooth. Choose a Phone using the menu on your watch after navigating to it. You may dial a number by tapping the Keypad icon or hitting the Contacts symbol to pick a particular contact to call. It would help if you got prepared to initiate a call and hit the green phone symbol.