"Gree GS-12CZ8A Price in Pakistan, Specifications, Features, Reviews"

Gree GS-12CZ8A

by Gree

GS-12CZ8A 1 air conditioner gives a luxurious touch to our lives and provides a feeling of comfort after a tiresome working throughout the day. The company has controlled GREE air conditioner prices in Pakistan due to the standards of living of people. It is very hard to bear the heat waves of sun all the day in the summer season, so the air conditioners play a majestic role in such scorching weather. It cools down your worries and mind stress with wonderful features. There are number of great features present in it.

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Features for Gree GS-12CZ8A

Golden Fin Condenser

Intelligent Defrosting

Catechin Filter

Multi Fan Speed

Air Flow Directional Control

Low Voltage Start up

Drying Operation

Removable Washable Panel



Specifications for Gree GS-12CZ8A

General Specs
 Adjustable resistance level    
 air purification    
 Cold Media    
 Cooling effect    
 Energy efficiency class    
 Maximum local Volume (Recommendation)    
 Noise level    
 Power consumption    
 Number of hours    
 Water tank    
 Dimensions (WxHxD)    
 Remote control    
 Product page    
 Price 39,999 Price in Pakistani Rupees

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Gree GS-12CZ8A Price in Pakistan, Specifications, Features, ReviewsGree GS-12CZ8A Price in Pakistan, Specifications, Features, Reviews

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