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Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS5

by Panasonic Digital Cameras

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS5 is a solid entry in the rugged camera market, but it is not the best in its class. It got a few things in its favor, including a reasonable depth rating of 43 feet, a fairly sharp lens, and built-in Wi-Fi. But, like Nikon AW110, its image quality suffers at high ISO settings, and its lens is not as wide in terms of field of view or aperture as others in this class.

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Features for Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS5

LUMIX TS5: WiFi Enabled Lifestyle Tough Camera


The rugged, waterproof and WiFi-enabled LUMIX TS5 compact adventure camera delivers go-anywhere flexibility with state-of-the-art imaging performance.Unwire your creativity with WiFi technology that allows you to share your pictures instantly from your smartphone. The LUMIX TS5 is the ultimate tough camera,so no matter where you find yourself... diving with sea life, hanging from a mountain, or exploring the winding alleys of a foreign market.you will take the best shot possible without worrying about your camera. Waterproof to 43 feet, shockproof from 6.5 feet, freezeproof from 14 degreesFahrenheit, and pressure resistant to 220 lbs, the LUMIX TS5 really is the tough-man of the compact camera market.


One Touch Connection


Get connected with NFC (Near Field Communication) and you can easily change your smartphone or tablet into a remote control for your LUMIX camera by simply touching the camera and the smartphone or tablet together.


Remote Shooting


You'll have the ultimate wireless control with the Panasonic Image App. You can use your smartphone or tablet to control the camera's zoom,set the focus, and shoot from a distance.




   Video Recording


    Getting yourself in the photo has never been easier with remote shooting and now you can even get into the video action too.The TS5 will start and stop video recording from your smartphone or tablet allowing you to reach new heights in your creativity .






Touch and Share


Sharing images has never been easier. Simply touch your camera to your friend's smartphone or tablet and an image will be transferred.*



Panasonic Image App Easy Share


The power of sharing and convenience is in your hands with the free Panasonic Image App for iOS/Android smartphones/tablets. You can instantly upload and share your images on a SNS (Social Networking Service) with the app.



Instant Transfer


Set up your camera to instantly transfer the photos you shoot to your device. Just start shooting and the camera will do the rest for you.



Wireless TV playback


Sharing your pictures on your large screen TV has never been easier with the WiFi Direct™ function. You can display images on a TV that supports the Digital Media Renderer (DMR) function of the DLNA standard (Digital Living Network Alliance) like the Panasonic VIERA HDTV.



Instant Creativity With Built-In Creative Effects


Creative Control/Creative Retouch


Panasonic is ready to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary by fueling your creativity with the Creative Control feature (in the recording mode) and the Creative Retouch feature (in the playback mode). These features take simple or complicated scenes and make them easy to capture in a great photo. Simply set the camera to match your scene and it uses sophisticated presets to optimize the camera settings resulting in photos you'll be proud of.




Advanced Underwater Mode


The Red Color Reproduction of Advanced Underwater Mode compensates for the color red that is easily lost in underwater photography. This creates underwater pictures that look more natural. Other modes that deliver incredible results are Sports, Snow, and Beach & Snorkeling. They can all be selected from the menu quickly and easily.



Creative Panorama


Panasonic has developed the industry's first Creative Panorama functions. Discover 12 filter effects that will take your panorama images to the next level with creative and dramatic results.


Manual Exposure


For those looking to take on more creative control, the DMC-TS5 has easy-to-use manual controls. You can set the aperture to control the depth of field, and adjust the shutter speed to freeze moving subjects or create a motion blur that exaggerates the feeling of movement.




iA (Intelligent Auto) Mode


In the iA (Intelligent Auto) Mode, the camera does all the work, leaving you free to compose your shot and capture the moment. Simply aim, press, and shoot. The detection and correction functions go to work to give you beautiful photos and videos*.



Intelligent HDR


You will be delighted by the creative possibilities that Intelligent HDR (High Dynamic Range) delivers. Shoot several still pictures consecutively at different exposure levels that are then overlaid to produce a single composite picture without whiteout (over-exposure) or blackout (under-exposure). The results are stunning.




Intelligent Night Shot


Bright, glamorous night scenery can be recorded without using a tripod when you use the Intelligent Handheld Night Shot. It generates a beautiful night scene with illumination by layering multiple pictures shot consecutively for one outstanding night photo.



Motion Picture Button


Video recording can be easily started with the press of the Motion Picture Button making it convenient for switching between photo and video shooting instantly.





MP4 Format Recording


If you want to edit your videos on a computer or upload them to a website, the DMC-TS5 can record full HD 1,920 x 1,080 30p (NTSC) videos in MP4 format.


4.6x Optical Zoom during Video Recording


The powerful 4.6x optical zoom is available in video recording to capture subjects in the distance and bring you closer to the action.


Twice the Information of Interlace Recording


1080/60p / 1080/50p (progressive) conveys about twice the information of 1080i (interlace) recording. It creates intricate detail and silky smooth motion. Even when subjects move quickly, afterimages are minimized to create more natural videos.


Progressive Scanning


Reproduces all image data in a single picture.




Tough, Smart Travel Companion


Ultimate Toughness


In addition to being waterproof, shockproof, dustproof and freezeproof, the durable DMC-TS5 also boasts pressure resistance. Take this camera with you on all of your photographic journeys. From fishing or camping in the springtime, diving, snorkeling, surfing in the summer, mountain climbing in autumn, or skiing and snowboarding in winter, the DMC-TS5 is an all-year-round camera that records stunning memories in beautiful photos and videos.

The DMC-TS5 features pressure resistance of 100 kgf thanks to the reinforced rib structure of its internal design. You can safely put it in your pocket or backpack with ease.





The DMC-TS5 is shockproof from a height of 6.6ft in accordance with the "MIL-STD 810F Method 516.5-Shock" test standard. Shoot actively while moving around with the camera in one hand worry-free.






The DMC-TS5 is dustproof, equivalent to the "IP6X" standard. While hiking or playing sports, fine dust particles can enter cameras through gaps in the camera body and cause malfunctions. No worries with the DMC-TS5, it can be used in these activities and more without any problems.





Looking to shoot in the cold? The DMC-TS5 is freezeproof to 14 degrees Fahrenheit so get out and shoot your 
favorite winter activities like skiing, snowboarding or skating.



Anti-Fog Glass


An anti-fog glass on the lens cover prevents it from being fogged with steam when going from one temperature to the next.





The GPS (Global Positioning System) in the DMC-TS5 complies with GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System), taking advantage of it's increased number of satellites, giving you better accuracy.



Place Name and Landmark Information


The LUMIX's GPS shows the name of the Country/Region, State/Prov/County, County/Township, City/Town/Village and Landmark using the internal data to give you real-time information on your location when taking photos.



GPS Log/Altimeter Log


In addition to the Altimeter logging function, the DMC-TS5 records GPS logging. This allows memorizing travel distances which can be displayed on the Google Earth application.



State-Of-The-Art Features And Technologies

LEICA DC Lens with Folded Optics Technology


The DMC-TS5 features a high-quality LEICA DC lens with 4.6x optical zoom from 28mm wide-angle to 128mm telephoto (35mm camera equivalent: 28-128mm). The folded optics of the shaft guide method helps ensure the toughness of the lens unit. Passing Leica's renowned stringent standards, this lens delivers exceptional optical performance edge to edge.

28mm Wide-Angle Lens


The 28mm wide-angle lens* easily captures large groups of people indoors or expansive architectural structures and scenes with dynamic width and perspective, even from a short distance away.



9.3x Intelligent Zoom


If the 4.6x optical zoom is not long enough for your photographic journey, the Intelligent Zoom uses digital zoom technology with minimum deterioration of image quality thanks to the Intelligent Resolution technology. The 4.6x optical zoom virtually extends to a 9.3x zoom equivalent.



Power O.I.S.


The POWER O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer) suppresses vibration and hand-shake that happens when you press the shutter button or when shooting at night with a slow shutter speed.



Night Scenes


Dimly Lit Scenes


Macro Shots




16.1-Megapixel MOS Sensor


The new 16.1-megapixel High Sensitivity MOS sensor delivers both high quality image recording and high speed signal processing. The Wavelet NR (Noise Reduction) system*1 in the Venus Engine enables a deliberate noise reduction process without missing low-frequency noise by enlarging its detection area by approx.64x*2. The results are high sensitivity image recording even at ISO 3200.

*1 Works in high sensitivity image recording at ISO 800 or higher.
*2 Panasonic comparison with DMC-ZS20.


10 fps with 16.1-Megapixel Full Resolution


With the newly developed MOS sensor, the DMC-TS5 will shoot 10 fps* in 16.1-megapixel full resolution with a mechanical shutter, and 5 fps with continuous AF. You can even take a series of shots, choose the ones you like the best, and delete the rest.



60 fps in 3.5-megapixel Resolution


When you need even more frames per second with higher-speed burst shooting, you can use the electronic shutter and achieve 60 fps.



Quick Start-Up Time


The DMC-TS5 is ready to shoot when you are. With its quick start-up time and Light Speed AF the DMC-TS5 helps you to never miss a moment.


Light Speed AF


Light Speed AF helps catch even the most fleeting photo opportunities. You can quickly focus on moving subjects such as sports, animals or kids.


Torch Light


The DMC-TS5 features a torch light that helps records beautiful videos even in dusky underwater environments or at a nighttime camp. You can even turn on the light to illuminate a subject when the camera function is not activated.



3D Shooting Capability


Photos or videos recorded in AVCHD on the SD/SDHC/SDXC Memory Cards are easy to view on a Panasonic VIERA TV. Simply insert the card into the SD/SDHC/SDXC Memory Card slot on a VIERA TV or DIGA Blu-ray Disc™ player to playback your photos and videos. You can also use an optional HDMI micro cable to output the photos and videos you took from the camera directly to the TV for VIERA Link. Control many of these features using the TV's remote control.

Combine your pictures taken with the 3D Photo Mode and the 3D VIERA TV and your photos come to life in a way you never thought imaginable.



Specifications for Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS5

General Specs
 Sensor resolution    
 Screen size   3 inches
 Anti-dust system   Yes
 Body material    
 Crop factor   Yes
 Image stablizer    
 Sensor format   1/2.3
 Weather sealing   Yes
 Articulated screen    
 Built-in GPS   Yes
 Filter thread    
 Flash   Built-in
 Folded Optics    
 Screen size   3 inches
 Touchscreen   No
 Webcam function    
 Auto focus
 AF assist   Yes
 Contrast detect autofocus   Yes
 TTL autofocus   Yes
 AF points    
 AF support    
 Lens mount    
 HDMI   Yes
 USB   Yes
 USB version   2.0
 PictBridge   Yes
 HD output   Yes
 AV output    
 Dimensions (WxHxD)   109.2 x 67.4 x 28.9 mm
 Weight   188 g
 Display & Viewfinder
 Articulated screen    
 Screen resolution   460,000 pixels
 Separate info display    
 Viewfinder coverage    
 viewfinder magnification    
 viewfinder type (optical)    
 External flash connection    
 flash   YES
 Flash metering system    
 X-sync speed    
 Image properties
 AEB/HDR support    
 Built-in HDR function    
 Exposure bracketing   +/-2
 Number of exposures    
 Continous shooting   Yes
 Frames (JPEG)    
 Frames (RAW)    
 Speed (JPEG)    
 Speed (RAW)    
 File format (stills)   JPEG
 ISO sensitivity   100 / 200 / 400 / 800 / 1600 / 3200 / 6400 / 12800
 Manual Settings   Yes
 Maximum resolution (stills)   1280 X 720
 Sensor format   1/2.3"
 Sensor resolution    
 Sensor Type    
 Shutter speed   1/4 - 1/2000
 Video recording   Yes
 AF in recording mode    
 Frame rate    
 Maximum resolution (video)   1280x720 pixels
 Video file formats (writes)   MJPEG
 With audio    
 Zoom range    
 Optical zoom   3 times
 Maximum aperture   3.3 - 5.9
 Image stabilizer   Optical
 Image sensor size (1 / x)    
 Digital zoom   4x
 Power supply
 Battery capacity   370 shots
 Battery type   Lithium-Ion
 Rechargeable battery supplied    
 Compatible memory cards   SD, SDHC, SDXC, Internal Memory
 Release year    
 Remote Control    
 Product page   http://shop.panasonic.com/shop/model/DMC-TS5D
 Wireless network   Yes
 Bluetooth   Yes
 Available colours   white, black, blue and orange
 Screen Resolution   460,000 pixels
 Price 43,499 Price in Pakistani Rupees

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS5 Price in Pakistan, Specifications, Features, ReviewsPanasonic Lumix DMC-TS5 Price in Pakistan, Specifications, Features, ReviewsPanasonic Lumix DMC-TS5 Price in Pakistan, Specifications, Features, ReviewsPanasonic Lumix DMC-TS5 Price in Pakistan, Specifications, Features, ReviewsPanasonic Lumix DMC-TS5 Price in Pakistan, Specifications, Features, ReviewsPanasonic Lumix DMC-TS5 Price in Pakistan, Specifications, Features, Reviews

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