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Sony PSP Go

by Sony Gaming Consoles

Introducing the smallest and mightiest PSP system yet. With the PSP Go users can download the best digital games and movies directly to the 64GB built-in memory and use built-in Bluetooth support to connect a wireless headset to more easily utilize Skype to talk with friends. But best of all, you can show off content via the new ultra-crisp 3.8-inch LCD screen, maximized by the PSP Gos new slide out control design. Go versatile, Go digital, Go anywhere.

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Features for Sony PSP Go



The console experience anywhere and everywhere

Play hundreds of games.

The PSP® system can play hundreds of amazing games, from Buzz Master Quiz to SOCOM: Fire Team Bravo,starting at the awesome price of $9.99. Each title is created to maximize the potential of a portable player console-quality graphics and a powerful LCD screen make every game shine, and new games are never in short supply. Download them directly to your PSP®go system from PlayStation®Store or load up on Universal Media Disks (UMD®) to play on your PSP®-3000 system.



Multiple players, infinite possibilities

Challenge anyone in the world with the PSP®system

The PSP® system offers two great ways to play games with multiple players: Ad Hoc (local) and Infrastructure (online).

Ad Hoc (local)

Compete against players on nearby PSP® systems with no wires or Internet connection. You can play together outside, at an airport, in an office, pretty much anywhere.


adhocParty allows you to play your Ad Hoc compatible games and compete against your friends almost anywhere. Each person with a PSP® system and a PS3? system can find friends in the adhocParty lobby and battle online.

  1. adhocParty works with some games that include the Ad Hoc feature.
  2. Perfect for gamers with a PSP® system who want to play online but don?t have access to a wireless internet connection.
  3. Each player must have both a PSP® system and a PS3? system in order to use this feature.
  4. The PlayStation®3 system must be connected to the Internet with a broadband network (wired) connection since the wireless connection is used as a server for the PSP® system.
  5. Because it uses the PS3? system?s built-in Wi-Fi, it is not compatible with the non-Wi-Fi enabled 20GB model

Infrastructure (online)

Play online with people across the globe, all from the comfort of a Wi-Fi hotspot.*
*Requires a Wireless Internet connection (Wi-Fi).


PlayStation® Network


One location for downloads, open 24/7

Get what you want at PlayStation®Store

PlayStation®Store has hundreds of games and thousands of TV episodes and movies available for download. Just register for PlayStation®Network and get access to everything in one place: new games, PS one® classics, free game demos, add-ons, and trailers. You can get there via PlayStation®Network on your PSP® system?s XMBTM (Xross Media Bar)* and download content directly to your PSP® system, or use Media Go to download to your computer, then transfer it to your PSP® system. And don?t worry about downloading too much stuff ? you can always store big downloads on a Memory Stick® that you can plug in anytime.

Games and demos

PlayStation®Store has hundreds of PSP® system games available for download. And since your PSP® system has built-in Wi-Fi, all you need is a Wi-Fi hotspot. Download exclusive games and free, playable demos instantly.

Downloadable movies, exclusive shows & TV series

Your PSP® system isn?t just for gaming: you can rent or buy new TV series and movies. If you?ve got a PSP®go system, just find a Wi-Fi hotspot and download thousands of new movie releases and whole seasons of TV series from PlayStation®Store. If you?re on a PSP-3000 or lower system, it?s just as easy: use Media Go to download whatever you want onto your PC, then easily move it over to your PSP® system.

And if you?ve got a PS3? system at home, keep in mind that you can rent or buy movies and TV series on your PS3? system, then watch them on your PSP® system.
*User responsible for all internet fees.

Game add-ons, trailers, wallpapers and more

PlayStation®Store also features add-ons like songs for Rock Band Unplugged? and expansion packs. Then there are the constantly updated themes and wallpapers you can use to customize your PSP® system.

*Requires an Internet connection. You?re responsible for Internet fees. Some services or features may require additional fees.





Portable entertainment, feature-length

Feel like watching a movie? Thousands of new releases are available to rent or own. Download them instantly on your Wi-Fi enabled PSP®go system or get hit movies on UMD? disks for your PSP-3000, 2000 and 1000 systems.


Internet Radio


Get more music




Access any kind of music from almost anywhere

Use your PSP® system?s built in Wi-Fi* to listen to your favorite Internet radio stations from your PSP®go and PSP® systems.

You can get over 22,000 stations of pop, hip-hop, rock, talk and everything else you listen to.

Use AOL?s SHOUTcast player to tune in to your choice of genre and station and try the One Switch or Clip series players for double- or single-genre radio.

*Requires a Wireless Internet connection (Wi-Fi).




Take your soundtrack with you

It?s your music. Listen to all of it, everywhere.

With the PSP® system, you can listen to music or audio whenever and wherever you want. Grab it off your computer or PS3? system, listen to Internet radio, or store it right on your PSP® system* in convenient playlists.You can even download the SensMe? channels application to automatically categorize music tracks that have been imported from Media Go to the PSP® system into 12 different channels. Listen with the built-in speakers or keep it to yourself with headphones (sold separately).

*You must save content to a Memory Stick and not directly to your PSP® system if you own a 3000 or earlier.


Music saved to a Memory Stick Duo? or Memory Stick Micro?

If you don?t feel like cluttering up your memory, save your digital music and audio files to a Memory Stick. There?s the Duo for PSP-3000 system and below and the Micro for the PSP®go system. Just pop the stick into your PSP® system and you can listen without losing any precious, precious game storage space.



RSS Channel music and Internet radio

You can stream RSS audio or Internet radio when you?re online*. RSS audio can also be saved to a Memory Stick or your built-in hard drive so you can play it whenever you want.

*Requires a Wireless Internet connection (Wi-Fi).




Your photos: stunningly clear and 100% portable

Access photos from everywhere

Your photos look great all the time: we particularly enjoy how the back of your head looks when you?re trying to hide from the camera. But if you want your pics to look their best, we recommend the PSP® system?s widescreen LCD. Save your photos to your built-in hard drive if you have a PSP®go system or a Memory Stick Duo if you?re on a PSP-3000,2000,1000 systems. Beam them to friends wirelessly using Ad Hoc mode, share them on your Memory Sticks, and access them anywhere.

Make awesome slideshows

If you?re anything like us, you have way, way too many pics. Like those 35 shots of your friend taking a header into the snow. Those really need to be made into a slideshow. Try our different slideshow modes or easily start a slideshow with all your pics.

Enhance your slideshow with music

Play your favorite music while you view photos in slideshow mode. Nothing makes a series on the changing colors of autumn really pop like a heavy metal soundtrack.

Share with friends

Sharing last night?s party photos with your friends has never been easier. Just beam the pics to a friend?s PSP® system using Ad Hoc mode.

Use as wallpaper

You know that picture of you on Halloween as Ratchet from Ratchet & Clank®? The fuzzy ears, metallic sidekick, and 60 pound gun were pretty amazing, even if you couldn?t exactly lift the gun. That pic deserves a place of honor. Make it your PSP® system wallpaper and change it up whenever you want.




Watch movies and TV series

A movie theater in your hand

Download movies and TV series from the PlayStation®Network or watch your own videos anywhere, anytime. All videos look great on the widescreen LCD and new releases are ready at PlayStation®Store when you want them.


Download thousands of movies and TV series

Thousands of movies ? from anime to comedy to action ? are available for download from PlayStation®Store. Or, if you?ve got a few days to kill, just buy a whole season of a TV series and watch episodes whenever, wherever. If you?re using a PSP®go system, you?ve got plenty of room in your hard disk drive to save new videos. For your PSP-3000 or earlier models, there are movies and TV series available on UMD (Universal Media Disc?), or you can use Media Go to download from PlayStation®Store onto your PC, then easily move it over to your PSP® system.


Your own video vault

That video of your friends eating jalapenos in New Mexico? It needs to be available for viewing 24/7. Save  videos to the built-in 16GB Hard Drive on the PSP®go or to a Memory Stick that you can pop it into your PSP® system whenever.


Watch RSS channel video

Play streaming RSS videos when you?re connected to the Internet or save them to a Memory Stick Duo or Micro (depending on which PSP® system you have) and play them whenever you want.*

*Requires a Wireless Internet connection (Wi-Fi).




Your shows & TV series, whenever, wherever

You?re TiVo-ing them for a reason ? don?t miss your favorite shows

Introduce your PSP® system to TiVoToGo. They?ll go out to dinner, maybe catch a movie. Before you know it they?re best friends forever, and you?re watching recorded TV content (downloaded to your Memory Stick Duo? or Micro or Built-in Hard Drive) on your PSP® system.

Just set up your TiVo DVR and computer on a home network and use TiVo?s Desktop Plus software to convert your shows for the PSP® system.

* TiVo subscription required.


LocationFree TV

Live, streaming TV on your PSP® system

The TV you want, wherever you are

Watch sports, TV series, movies, live TV, your DVR content, and DVD player from the road with your PSP® system and LocationFree? TV. The VAIO LocationFree? Base Station is a device that connects to your cable or satellite box and streams your shows & TV series and DVR content online. Watch and control everything from your PSP® system.
Just set up your home entertainment system (TV, DVD Player or DVR) and broadband Internet with a LocationFree? Base Station (all sold separately). Get online on your PSP® system, click on the LocationFree? icon and your shows will start streaming.* You can even change channels, pause, or record on your home system with the onscreen universal remote. Get all the comforts of home, wherever you are. 

*Requires home entertainment components (TV, DVD Player or DVR) and a LocationFree? Base Station on a network, plus a Wireless Internet connection (Wi-Fi)





Talk for free

Talk all you want to people anywhere in the world

Use Skype? to call anyone on the Skype? network or on their PSP® system for free*. You can make calls to mobile phones and landlines too. So go ahead, call up your friends and talk trash before you start a game of SOCOM for the PSP® system.

What you need:

  • PSP-2000 system, PSP-3000 system or a PSP®go system
  • Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) connection
  • PSP® system software 3.90 (or later) and a PSP® Headset with remote control (for PSP-2000 system)
  • Memory Stick Duo? with the Skype? application software saved on it (for the PSP-2000 and PSP-3000 systems)

* For PSP-2000 system model, Skype feature requires headset and remote control (for PSP® system). Skype does not work on the PSP-1000 system model. Service fees may apply. You must have access to the Internet via a wireless access point or hotspot to use this feature.






Remotely access your PC, DVR, TV and more




Connect your PSP®, PS3? system and your computer on one network

Your PS3? system can connect to other digital devices, like your home computer and your TV. And your PSP® system can connect to your PS3? system. So here?s the fun part: if all your electronic devices have the right certification, you can access your PC, DVR, PS3? system, or even your digital video camera from your PSP® system.

Use DNLA, your PlayStation®3 system and Remote Play to make it happen

The Digital Living Network Alliance SM (DLNA®) DLNA is a global collaboration of hundreds of the most trusted brands, all working together to help make computers, gaming systems, and mobile and electronic devices work together seamlessly. The PlayStation®3 system is DLNA Certified, which means it can share and exchange media with other DLNA-compatible digital devices, like computers, digital video recorders and TVs. So what you need to access all this stuff from your PSP® system is devices with DLNA Certified? logos and a PS3? system. The PS3? system will wirelessly connect all the content scattered across all your electronics, then you can access it from anywhere using your PSP® system and Remote Play.


Remote Play*

Take your PS3? system on the road with your PSP®system

Access your PS3? system from just about anywhere

Remote Play* gives your PSP® system access to your PlayStation®3 system. Just hit up a wireless hotspot and Remote Play will let you access your PS3? system. Then you can get to videos, photos and music saved on your PS3? system?s hard drive. And you can only get it with PlayStation®.

Want to know more? Visit the Knowledge Center to find out more about using Remote Play with a PSP® system and PlayStation®3 system.

*Requires a Wireless Internet connection (Wi-Fi).



Stay on top of it all

Get podcasts on your PSP® system

The PSP® system?s RSS Channel automatically downloads video and audio content, including podcasts, news, commentary and radio to your PSP® system.

You can get it two ways: as streaming content, or saved to the built-in hard drive on the PSP®go system or on a Memory Stick Duo? (for PSP-3000 systems and below). Just connect to the Internet to add and update RSS channels.*

*Requires an Internet connection.


Internet Browsing

The Internet in your hands

Food, shelter, Internet access, racing games. They?re all necessities. So of course we included Wi-Fi Internet access on all PSP® systems.

Internet connection

The PSP® system has its own Internet browser and built-in Wi-Fi, so find a hotspot and get online.

PSP® system Internet browser

Get to browsing with the PSP® system internet browser.

Internet Search (powered by Google)

We made Internet search super easy: you can access search directly from your XMB?, and you know you?ll always get the best results because it?s powered by Google.


Other Features


Parental Controls

Everything the kids want, nothing you don?t

Parenting ? even when you?re not in the room

We added security settings to the PSP® system so you can control what your kids access, even if you?re not around. Limit what they play or watch through ratings systems ? like the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) rating system for games, and the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) ratings for movies ? or use the PSP® system hardware security settings.

Parental controls

The PSP® system?s parental controls let you restrict what games, video discs (UMD®) or downloaded content your kids can watch. Once the parental controls are set, the PSP® system will only allow game or video content with an appropriate rating to be played. Those settings can only be changed with the system password, which only you will have.

Internet Browser start control

Since the PSP® system has built-in Wi-Fi access, you can make sure your kids aren?t getting online by making Internet access password protected. We call it Internet Browser Start Control.

Trend Micro web security

Unlike Internet Browser Start Control, Trend Micro Web Security for the PSP® system lets your kids get online, but blocks harmful, fraudulent and malicious sites on the Internet, especially the ones that are inappropriate for children and families.

Fees may apply to use of Web filtering services. For more information about Trend Micro for PSP®



Make your PSP® system look like you

Go ahead. Make it your own.

Personalize the XMB? home menu on your PSP® system with custom themes, backgrounds and icons.

Background color

Manually change your PSP® system background color ? blue when you?re feeling blue, orange when you?re feeling whatever an orange feels like. Or you can let the PSP® system work on its own and the background color of the XMB? will automatically change monthly.


Use your favorite photo or digital image as wallpaper. May we suggest the pic of catching that ridiculous wave? Or the first time you did an Ollie in an empty swimming pool.

Custom themes

Change the whole look ? icons and background ? with a custom theme. Choose your favorite theme from the PlayStation®Store or find one online.

Create your own theme

Forget designing websites, comics or fine art. If you have designs skills, use them for the most important artistic endeavor of our time: your custom PSP® theme. Use the Custom Theme Converter and a graphics application program to design custom XMB? icons and a truly custom background image.


Software Updates

System Software Updates

Changing with the times was never easier

Evolution is free

Keeping your PSP® system in top form is really easy. System software updates are constantly adding new features and upgrades as well as additional security features. So you don?t have to worry about your PSP® system becoming outdated or missing out on cool new capabilities.

Recent system software updates include:

PlayStation®Store on the PSP® system

Get exclusive downloadable games and free* game demos from the PlayStation®Store whenever you?re online with your PSP® system.

XMB? Internet Search

Need to find something online fast? Now you can start an Internet search directly from the XMB? screen.

Video controls

Even more video controls for saved video content.

Visualizing your music

Lots more patterns for you to slowly stare at until your eyes cross. Choose your speed to make it just right.

Evolution is free and easy.

Keeping your PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system up-to-date is easy and free* with the latest system software updates. New features and upgrades are constantly being added, plus any additional security features to ensure that your PSP® system stays current.

*User responsible for internet fees.

Specifications for Sony PSP Go

General Specs
 Backward compatibility    
 Main processor   333 Mhz
 Number of outlets for hand controls    
 Supports wireless controllers    
 Type of media   Memory card
 Audio features
 Type of surround   Stereo
 Network connection    
 Wireless network   Yes
 Type   802.11a
 Bluetooth   2.0
 GPRS   No
 Internet-compatible   Yes
 Place for memory card    
 Multiplayer support   Yes
 Component out   No
 Composite out    
 Digital optical in   No
 Digital optical out    
 S-video out    
 SCART out   No
 USB   Yes
 USB 2.0 ports   2.0
 USB 3.0 ports    
 USB ports (total)    
 VGA out   No
 Headphone output   1 pc
 Audio format   No
 Surround encoder    
 Supported audio files   AAC, MP3, WAV (PCM), WMA
 Supported image files   JPEG / JPG
 Supported video files   H.264, MPEG4
 Dimensions (WxHxD)   128 × 16.5 × 69 mm
 Weight   158 g
 Image properties
 3D support    
 Supported image formats   No
 Display   Yes
 Number of colours   16,777,216 colours
 Screen resolution   480x272 pixels
 Screen size   3.8 inches
 Touchscreen   No
 RAM size   64 MB
 Built-in hard drive   Yes
 Memory card readers   Yes
 Compatible memory cards   Memory Stick Micro (MS Micro)
 Release year    
 Support for remote control   No
 Including remote control   No
 Product page    
 Built-in camera    
 Built in GPS navigation   No
 Power supply
 Battery life   5 h
 Number of batteries for operation   1 pc
 Type of battery   Li-Ion
 Price 15,499 Price in Pakistani Rupees

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Sony PSP Go Price in Pakistan, Specifications, Features, ReviewsSony PSP Go Price in Pakistan, Specifications, Features, ReviewsSony PSP Go Price in Pakistan, Specifications, Features, ReviewsSony PSP Go Price in Pakistan, Specifications, Features, ReviewsSony PSP Go Price in Pakistan, Specifications, Features, Reviews

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