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Logitech TrackMan Marble, Logitech Wireless Mouse M505
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Logitech TrackMan Marble

Logitech Wireless Mouse M505

 Adjustable weight No No   
 Ergonomic No No   
 Multimedia buttons No No   
 Number of buttons   
 Operating resolution  1,000 dpi  
 Trackball Yes No   
 Type of motion sensor Optical Laser  
 Scroll wheel       
 Horizontal (lateral) No No   
 Number of wheels   
 Connection Wired Wireless  
 Also for left-handed Yes Yes   
 Hardware connection PS / 2, USB  USB  
 Colour Black, Gray, Red, Silver  Black, Red, Silver,Gray  
 Weight 340 g    
 Manufacturer warranty 3 year 3 year  
 Release year 2006 2009  
 Product page,sv  
Price 4,600-Rs 4,299-Rs