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Panasonic PT-LX300

by Panasonic Projectors

PT - LX300 Equipped with HDMI input terminal.Its "Wall Colour Setting" provides five wall colours[blackboard (dark green), white, light yellow,light blue and pink], enabling easy projection on todifferent surfaces Projector identification system for remotecontrol allocation of up to six projectors.

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Features for Panasonic PT-LX300



When the lamp power is set to AUTO, it can operate for up to 10,000 hours* without needing to be replaced.
This also helps reduce maintenance and operating costs.

This is the maximum value when the lamp power is set to Auto mode where the lamp is turned on for 2 hours and off for 0.25 hours.
If the lamp is turned on more times or kept on for a long time, the lamp replacement cycle will shorten.
The usage environment affects the duration of the lamp.
The PT-LW321/LW271/LX271/LX300/LX270 can operate for up to 10,000 hours.
The PT-LX351 can operate for up to 7,500 hours and the PT-LX321 can operate for up to 8,500 hours.


A remarkable 3,500 lm* of brightness and 7,500:1** contrast have been achieved in

a compact, easy-to-carry body, weighing only 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs) or less.***
Bright, clear images enhance a variety of viewing situations and applications.
And the compact, lightweight body makes it easy to carry from room to room, or to

the client's office for an on-site presentation.

Brightness by model: PT-LX351: 3,500 lm, PT-LW321/LX321: 3,200 lm,
PT-LX300: 3,000 lm, PT-LW271/LX271/LX270: 2,700 lm

** Contrast ratio by model: PT-LW321/LW271/LX351/LX321/LX271: 7,500:1,
PT-LX300/LX270: 4,000:1

*** Weight by model: PT-LW321/LW271/LX321/LX351/LX271: approx. 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs),
PT-LX300/LX270: approx. 2.3 kg (5.1 lbs). The values are averages.
Actual values may be different according to the product.


Excellent and Eco Friendly Performance


When the lamp power is set to Auto, the Intelligent Lamp Control system automatically adjusts the lamp output in accordance
with the brightness of the projected image and reduces it by up to 70 %.* It also combines with color shift correction,
which corrects the shift in the color balance that occurs when the lamp output drops.
As a result, power consumption is effectively reduced while excellent color reproduction is maintained.

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When Standby mode is set to Eco, the standby power consumption is low at 0.5 W.*
This lowers running costs, and helps to reduce environment impact.

Various Convenient Functions


The wired LAN terminal allows Crestron?s application software,

?Crestron Connected? ?, which can control various system devices by

using a personal computer connected to the network.



When projecting onto non-white surfaces, this mode corrects the

color scheme of the projected image to prevent color irregularities

from occurring between the source and the projected image. Five

colors available: white, light yellow, light blue, pink and dark green.



The lamp can be reached through the top panel for easy replacement.

This eliminates the need to detach the projector from its ceiling

bracket and greatly simplifies maintenance.



The PT-LW321/LW271/LX351/LX321/LX271 is equipped with the
"security bar" for preventing theft.


Specifications for Panasonic PT-LX300

General Specs
 Power consumption (operating)   218 W
 Brightness   3,000 lm
 Contrast   4,000 : 1
 Resolution   1,024 768 pixels
 Remote control   Yes
 Built-in speakers   Yes
 Bulb life cycle, eco-mode    
 bulb life cycle, normal    
 Image size   30
 lens shift   Yes
 Noise level   34 dB
 Power consumption (operating)   218 W
 Power consumption (standby)   6.0 W
 Projection distance    
 Throw ratio   1.95 ? 2.15:1
 Type of lamp   190 W UHM lamp
 Type of projector   LCD
 Network connection    
 Wireless network    
 HD ready    
 Full HD    
 HD ready 1080p    
 Image frequency    
 Supported image signals    
 analog RCA sterio input    
 Component in    
 composite in    
 Connecting 9V/12V    
 Digital coaxial in    
 Digital coaxial out    
 DVI in    
 HDMI   Yes
 CEC compliant    
 HDMI version   HDMI 19-pin x 1
 Number of inputs    
 Headphone output   Yes
 Line in (3.5 mm)    
 Line out (3.5 mm)    
 Microphone input   Yes
 S-video in   Pin jack x 1
 SCART in    
 VGA in    
 Supported audio files    
 Supported image files    
 Supported video files    
 Available colours    
 Dimensions (WxHxD)   286 x 100.6 x 192 mm
 Weight   218W
 Image properties
 Aspect ratio   4:3
 Brightness   3,000 lm
 Contrast   4,000 : 1
 dynamic contrast    
 Refresh rate    
 Resolution   1,024 768 pixels
 Power supply
 Power connector    
 Memory card readers    
 Optical drive    
 Release year    
 Remote control   Yes
 Product page    
 Manual   http://business.panasonic.co.uk/visual-system/sites/default/nfsfiles/visual-systems/files/technical_downloads/PT-LX300%20series%20Brochure.pdf
 Price 68,499 Price in Pakistani Rupees

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Panasonic PT-LX300 Price in Pakistan, Specifications, Features, ReviewsPanasonic PT-LX300 Price in Pakistan, Specifications, Features, Reviews

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