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Epson EB- 1880

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The Epson EB-1880 3LCD Multimedia Projector is an easy to use high brightness solution to your presentation needs. Simple setup and advanced flexibility enable users to adapt to the environment at hand, delivering professional presentations with ease and versatility. The horizontal keystone correction slider makes it easy to create a perfectly square image, regardless of where the projector is placed. With 4,000 lumens Colour Light Output and 4,000 lumens White Light Output, the EB-1880 delivers crisp, bright images in even the most demanding environment.

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Features for Epson EB- 1880






Bright and Capable

No more fumbling with room switches and drawing of curtains, only to have your

audience squint to see the faint screen. This versatile and compact projector has a high

4000lm brightness, so you no longer have to dim the lights for your audience of 50 to

60 to enjoy crisp, vivid images.

Enjoy Complete Monitoring and Control (for EB-1880 only)

Easy MP Monitor

With Easy MP Monitor, Epsonís

proprietary network monitoring

software, you can easily monitor all

your projectors and keep them

running efficiently, even across the

largest networks. Remotely

configure and programme email

alerts for pre-defined critical

indicators such as non-functioning††

Message Broadcasting

Now you can send messages or announcements as jpeg files simultaneously to any

number of projectors on a network. This makes the projector series very useful for

immediate communication needs or even emergencies.

Multi-Screen Display (for EB-1880 only)


Epsonís unique Multi-Screen

Display feature presents broad

spreadsheets or panoramic

images. Show four different

images at the same time or one

single image across the breadth of

four screens. The Multi-Screen

Display presentation can be

controlled via a single computer

with just a remote control.

Experience Added Convenience

Designed to better assist the way you present or teach, this series features a 3-in-1

USB display. This allows control, image and sound transmission from a computer to the

projector via a USB cable, eliminating the need for complicated cabling. A built-in

speaker also allows you to enjoy powerful sound without the need of connecting a

separate speaker.


Enjoy Versatility of Use

Deliver powerful presentations anywhere in the room. With the easy-to-use sliding

Horizontal Keystone Adjuster*, screen corrections can be done quickly, easily and

accurately, for both beginners and experienced users.


With automatic vertical keystone detection and adjustment, there is no longer any need

for awkward and time-consuming manual image adjustments that interrupt the smooth

flow of your presentation delivery. This handy feature automatically detects the

projectorís vertical keystone distortion and corrects it instantly.


Maximise Presentation Versatility

Achieving perfect images even if the projector is offset from the screen is now possible.

Epsonís Quick Corner feature allows you to independently adjust any of the four corners

of the projected image that has no parallel sides. With an incredible angle adjustment

range, you are assured of impressive presentations from any point in the room.


Accomplish More With Less

The built-in HDMI terminal* makes transmitting high-quality images and sounds

possible. You can even view a jpeg, bmp, png or gif slideshow without a PC by simply

inserting a USB memory device into the USB connection on the projector. Operation of

the projector is also made convenient by using either the remote control or the

operation panel.


Connect Directly to a Document Camera

This projector series conveniently connects directly to Epsonís Portable Document

Camera ELPDC06 via a USB cable without a computer, revolutionizing the way you

present. Simply place the presentation material under the camera and enlarge the

projection according to the desired size Ė perfect for classroom and office discussions.


Long-lasting Lamp Life of Up to 4,000 Hours

Enjoy greater cost savings and ease of maintenance with Epsonís proprietary long-

lasting E-TORL lamp. Designed to optimise light output, the highly efficient Epson E-

TORL lamp delivers noticeably brighter images with greater power efficiency.


Cleverly Positioned Exhaust Eliminates Distraction

The exhaust is intelligently positioned in the front, preventing anyone from being

exposed to the hot exhaust, especially when on a narrow table. This enables the

audience seated at the side or back of the projector to fully concentrate on the



Specifications for Epson EB- 1880

General Specs
 Power consumption (operating)    
 Brightness   4,000 ANSI
 Contrast   2,000 :1
 Resolution   1024x768 (XGA)
 Remote control   Yes
 Built-in speakers   No
 Bulb life cycle, eco-mode   4,000 h
 bulb life cycle, normal   3,000 h
 Image size    
 lens shift   No
 Noise level   35 dB
 Portable   No
 Power consumption (operating)    
 Power consumption (standby)    
 Projection distance    
 Throw ratio   1.38 - 2.24 :1
 Type of lamp   Bulb
 Type of projector    
 Network connection   Yes
 Wireless network   No
 3D-ready   No
 HD ready   No
 Full HD   No
 HD ready 1080p   No
 Image frequency    
 Supported image signals    
 analog RCA sterio input   No
 Component in   2 pc(s)
 composite in   1 pc(s)
 Connecting 9V/12V    
 Digital coaxial in   No
 Digital coaxial out   No
 DVI in   No
 HDMI   Yes
 CEC compliant    
 HDMI version    
 Number of inputs   1 pc(s)
 Headphone output   No
 Line in (3.5 mm)    
 Line out (3.5 mm)    
 Microphone input   No
 S-video in   1 pc(s)
 SCART in   No
 USB   Yes
 VGA in   Yes
 Supported audio files    
 Supported image files    
 Supported video files    
 Available colours   White
 Dimensions (WxHxD)   345 ◊ 93 ◊ 263 mm
 Weight   7 kg
 Image properties
 Aspect ratio   4:3
 Brightness   4,000 ANSI
 Contrast   2,000 :1
 dynamic contrast    
 Refresh rate    
 Resolution   1024x768 (XGA)
 Power supply
 Power connector    
 Memory card readers   No
 Optical drive   No
 Release year   2012
 Remote control   Yes
 Illuminated   No
 Programmable   No
 Product page    
 Price 215,499 Price in Pakistani Rupees

Images for Epson EB- 1880

Epson  EB- 1880 Price in Pakistan, Specifications, Features, ReviewsEpson  EB- 1880 Price in Pakistan, Specifications, Features, ReviewsEpson  EB- 1880 Price in Pakistan, Specifications, Features, ReviewsEpson  EB- 1880 Price in Pakistan, Specifications, Features, ReviewsEpson  EB- 1880 Price in Pakistan, Specifications, Features, ReviewsEpson  EB- 1880 Price in Pakistan, Specifications, Features, Reviews

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