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Epson EB-1960

by Epson Projectors

The Epson EB-1960 is the latest feature rich addition to the market leading Epson projector range. Boasting 5,000 lumens White Light and Colour Light Output, image enhancement features and user friendly functionality, the EB-1960 has the power and image quality to impress even the most discerning of users.

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Features for Epson EB-1960






Dimming the lights during presentations is 

a thing of the past. With the Epson ,

EB-1960W you can enjoy uncompromised 

image quality even in a brightly lit room








Deliver Clear, Impressive Presentations


With a high 5,000 lumen brightness setting, drawing the curtains or switching off the lights

during presentations is a thing of the past. The EB-1960 features high image visibility even in

a well-lit room.




Clear images with accurate details


Farouja DCDi - Eliminate Jagged Lines

The EB-1960W features a Faroudja DCDi (Directional Correlational Deinterlacing)

Cinema video enhancement processor that produces exceptional image quality without

introducing artefacts. The Faroudja DCDi was developed to eliminate jagginess by using

a unique algorithm, so your video-based presentations remain sharp all the time.







Farouja DCDi - Enhanced Sharpness 

Greater depth and perception add appeal to your presentations. With TrueLife

enhancement, a sharpness enhancement technology, the projector identifes and

enhances transitions, such as skin texture, freckles and hair, to produce images with

remarkable clarity and colour. 





This colour mode produces images with clear shadows, ideal for projecting X-rays

and other medical images. (Not for actual medical diagnosis)




Network Management For Easy Monitoring


EasyMP Monitor

With Epson’s EasyMP Monitor network monitoring and control software, you can see

from a single PC, which connected projectors are available and whether they are

running efficiently  – even across the biggest network.


You can also configure your projectors, monitor their statuses, access their serial

numbers remotely, and even set up the software to deliver instant email alerts for pre-

defined critical indicators such as non-functioning devices or overheating lamps.



Message Broadcasting  

Now you can send messages or announcements as JPEG files simultaneously to any

number of projectors on a network. This makes the EB-1940W useful for immediate

communication needs or even emergencies.




Enrich Presentations with a Single Projector


Split Screen

The split screen feature allows inputs from two separate sources to be displayed side by

side on the same screen. In a video conference, for example, images of presentation

materials and remote participants can be shown simultaneously.




Experience Convenient, PC-Free Presentations


Epson iProjection (Wired LAN connection with wireless LAN access point

is required)




With the iProjection application for both iOS and Android, wireless projection from a

smart device is made possible. This feature supports various files and allows you to

present your smartphone contents with ease. It also lets you use other touch-screen

operations, such as flicking to turn pages and pinching to zoom in or out. Projector

profile search, multi-screen display, distribution function, audio transfer, movie file

transfer, interrupt connection disabling and encryption data transfer capabilities are

not supported during the use of iProjection. 

Specifications for Epson EB-1960

General Specs
 Power consumption (operating)    
 Brightness   5,000 ANSI
 Resolution   1024x768 (XGA)
 Remote control   Yes
 Built-in speakers   Yes
 Bulb life cycle, eco-mode   4,000 h
 bulb life cycle, normal   2,500 h
 Image size    
 lens shift   No
 Noise level   29 dB
 Portable   No
 Power consumption (operating)    
 Power consumption (standby)   0.44 W
 Projection distance   0.8 - 13.9 m
 Throw ratio   1.38 - 2.24 :1
 Type of lamp   Bulb
 Type of projector   LCD
 Network connection   Yes
 Wireless network   No
 3D-ready   No
 HD ready   No
 Full HD   No
 HD ready 1080p   No
 Image frequency    
 Supported image signals    
 analog RCA sterio input   No
 Component in    
 composite in   1 pc(s)
 Connecting 9V/12V    
 Digital coaxial in   No
 Digital coaxial out   No
 DVI in   No
 HDMI   Yes
 CEC compliant    
 HDMI version    
 Number of inputs   1 pc(s)
 Headphone output   No
 Line in (3.5 mm)    
 Line out (3.5 mm)    
 Microphone input   No
 S-video in    
 SCART in   No
 USB   Yes
 VGA in   Yes
 Supported audio files    
 Supported image files    
 Supported video files    
 Available colours    
 Dimensions (WxHxD)   377 × 217 × 108 mm
 Weight   3.8 kg
 Image properties
 Aspect ratio   4:3
 Brightness   5,000 ANSI
 dynamic contrast    
 Refresh rate    
 Resolution   1024x768 (XGA)
 Power supply
 Power connector    
 Memory card readers   No
 Optical drive   No
 Release year    
 Remote control   Yes
 Illuminated   No
 Programmable   No
 Product page    
 Price 304,499 Price in Pakistani Rupees

Images for Epson EB-1960

Epson EB-1960 Price in Pakistan, Specifications, Features, ReviewsEpson EB-1960 Price in Pakistan, Specifications, Features, ReviewsEpson EB-1960 Price in Pakistan, Specifications, Features, ReviewsEpson EB-1960 Price in Pakistan, Specifications, Features, Reviews

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