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Epson EMP-G5150

by Epson Projectors

High performance electrostatic filer vastly improving projectors ability to filter dust Wave like shape and larger size increases interval time between filter change Changing the lamp and filter is easy even if the projector is installed in hard to reach places. The filter can be changed from the side of the projector without removing the main body from the metal fittings.

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Features for Epson EMP-G5150













The Ultimate in Flexibility

Centred lens design

Vertical and horizontal lens shift mechanism for greater placement possibilities


Wide 1.8x Zoom Ratio

Standard zoom lens for 1.8 times magnification which gives you a wider range of set-up

options without compromising image quality


Optional Bayonet Mount Lens

5 different lens option available including standard lens to support a wide variety of

uses and installation conditions

Bayonet style allows for quick and easy lens change


Higher Reliability and Easy Maintenance

High performance electrostatic filer, vastly improving projector's ability to filter dust

Wave like shape and larger size increases interval time between filter chang


Changing the lamp and filter is easy, even if the projector is installed in hard to reach

places. The filter can be changed from the side of the projector without removing the

main body from the metal fittings


High Image Quality

By utilising Epson's original phase-compensation filter, the EMB-G5150 is able to realise

up to 1000:1 contrast ratio


Enhanced Compatibility

"Network Projector" function with Windows Vista* connects directly to networked

projector without the need for additional proprietary software

*excluding Home Basic Edition


PC-Free Convenience

Simply connect a SD memory containing your data into the card slot and start

projecting.  For projectors installed in hard to reach places, you can conveniently

rewrite data on the SD memory card via a network, allowing multiple presentations

without a PC


Complete Anti-theft features

The projectors come equipped with great security features, such as the Kensington

lock, security bar and operation panel control


The sturdy security bar allows owners to secure the projector with an anti-theft cable

or chain, while the operation panel cover makes it impossible for unauthorised persons

to operate the projector without the remote control



High Brightness

Up to 4000 ANSI lumens for brilliant image projection
With its 4000 ANSI lumens in high brightness mode, the EMB-

G5150 delivers brilliant presentation quality, even in the largest of

conference rooms or concert halls. The EMB-G5150 is designed with

features to ensure a "best fit" for any situation.






PC–Free Presentation
Total freedom to present

without the need for a

connected computer


Connect a USB memory device or insert

a SD (Secure Digital) card to project pictures,

MPEG2/MPEG4/WMV files and presentations

without the need for a PC — it's that simple.


True projection portability requires more

than just freedom from the need to create

a projector–to–PC/notebook connection,

which is why the EMB-G5150 provides full




Multiple Lens options


There are five different Bayonet type lens options, including

the standard lens. This provides the flexibility for the user to

choose the most suitable lens for their installation requirements.








Wired or Wireless Network


Absolute flexibility in today's network



A key benefit of the EMB-G5150 is its ability to be network

connected either wired – via the in–built RJ–45 network

connector – or wirelessly*.


Using Epson's NS connection wireless mode, the EMB-G5150

supports 802.11a/b/g protocols, achieving a wireless* transfer

rate of up to 54Mbps. This high speed wireless* capability

represents new levels of presentation performance



Specifications for Epson EMP-G5150

General Specs
 Power consumption (operating)   343 W
 Brightness   4000 ANSI
 Contrast   1000:1
 Resolution   1024 x 768
 Remote control   Yes
 Built-in speakers   Yes
 Bulb life cycle, eco-mode   2,000 h
 bulb life cycle, normal   3,000 h
 Image size    
 lens shift   No
 Noise level   35 - 29 dB
 Portable   Yes
 Power consumption (operating)   343 W
 Power consumption (standby)   0.4 W
 Projection distance   2.5ft. ~ 26.5ft. (0.76m ~ 8.08m)
 Throw ratio   1.8 m
 Type of lamp   Bulb
 Type of projector   LCD
 Network connection   No
 Wireless network   No
 3D-ready   No
 HD ready   No
 Full HD   No
 HD ready 1080p   No
 Image frequency    
 Supported image signals    
 analog RCA sterio input   No
 Component in   1 pc(s)
 composite in   1 pc(s)
 Connecting 9V/12V    
 Digital coaxial in   No
 Digital coaxial out   No
 DVI in   No
 HDMI   Yes
 CEC compliant    
 HDMI version   1 pc(s)
 Number of inputs    
 Headphone output   No
 Line in (3.5 mm)    
 Line out (3.5 mm)    
 Microphone input   No
 S-video in   1 pc(s)
 SCART in   No
 USB   Yes
 VGA in   No
 Supported audio files    
 Supported image files   480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i)
 Supported video files    
 Available colours   White
 Dimensions (WxHxD)   18.5in. x 5.3in. x 12.3in.
 Weight   14.8 lbs. (6.71 kg)
 Image properties
 Aspect ratio   4:3 - 16:9
 Brightness   4000 ANSI
 Contrast   1000:1
 dynamic contrast    
 Refresh rate    
 Resolution   1024 x 768
 Power supply
 Power connector   100 ~ 120 / 220 ~ 240 V / 50 ~ 60 Hz
 Memory card readers   No
 Optical drive   No
 Release year    
 Remote control   Yes
 Illuminated   No
 Programmable   No
 Product page    
 Price 285,700 Price in Pakistani Rupees

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