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"Dragons Crown Price in Pakistan, Specifications, Features"

Dragons Crown

The latest Dragons Crown price in Pakistan is 4,999 - PKR which was recently updated on November 2023.

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Basic specification is .


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The game is set primarily in the Kingdom of Hydeland, in the same fantasy world of GrimGrimoire and Odin Sphere, taking place within a different timeframe and location of the world. The game's world possesses vast labyrinths and catacombs that lay beneath the civilization, and fantastical monsters that stalk the darkest and most desolate forests.The plot revolves around a legendary relic, the titular Dragon's Crown, and the quest to retrieve it. A mysterious coven of magic-users with influence in even the highest levels of government seek the treasure and have used their sorcery to link long-forgotten ruins, dangerous labyrinths, and many other areas together in order to search for it.




Specifications for Dragons Crown

Here is the specifications for Dragons Crown.
General Specs
 Price 4,999 - PKR Price in Pakistani Rupees
Disclaimer : Our team entered specs from diffrent resources and not responsible for any typo error in specs, please report any such error in bug report panel for Dragons Crown.


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Dragons Crown Rs. 4,999

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What is the Price of Dragons Crown in Pakistan?

The latest price for Dragons Crown in Pakistan is 4,999 - PKR - PKR (Updated November 2023). These days rate for Dragons Crown changes on daily basis due to fluctuations in the dollar rate.

Disclaimer : Dragons Crown price in Pakistan is updated on daily basis. Price depends on many factors thats include the price of dollors, manufacturar price and import cost and duties etc.