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"Gravity Rush Price in Pakistan, Specifications, Features"

Gravity Rush

The latest Gravity Rush price in Pakistan is 4,599 - PKR which was recently updated on November 2023.

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IGN Editor Ryan Clements famously declared that Gravity Rush was the reason he was buying a Vita. However, he might want to rescind that statement. Gravity Rush is fun -- its protagonist and story are two of my favorites on the handheld -- but clunky combat and a flat finish keep it from being the hit PlayStation Vita players have been hoping for.


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The game was directed by Keiichiro Toyama, previously known for creating survival horror games such as Silent Hill and Siren. He stated in an interview that he conceptualized the idea forGravity Rush more than ten years before its eventual release, describing it as the first game he wanted to create, pre-dating his work on Silent Hill. He cited Moebius's French comics he read in his youth as an inspiration for the Gravity Rush world,referring to one of his comic books that had "images of people floating in space" as an influence. Anime and American comics were both an influence for the characters.However, Toyama avoided making his characters "completely Japanese" in order to foster a wider acceptance of them outside of Japan.





The game has been received with generally positive reviews, with average aggregate scores of 82% at GameRankings based on 48 reviews and 83 out of 100 on Metacritic based on 72 reviews. The Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu gave the game 10, 9, 9 and 10, adding up to a total of 38 out of 40, making it the magazine's highest-rated PS Vita game.Toyama, when asked what the team reaction was about this, said "We had mixed feelings, actually. 




Specifications for Gravity Rush

Here is the specifications for Gravity Rush.
General Specs
 Price 4,599 - PKR Price in Pakistani Rupees
Disclaimer : Our team entered specs from diffrent resources and not responsible for any typo error in specs, please report any such error in bug report panel for Gravity Rush.


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Gravity Rush Rs. 4,599

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What is the Price of Gravity Rush in Pakistan?

The latest price for Gravity Rush in Pakistan is 4,599 - PKR - PKR (Updated November 2023). These days rate for Gravity Rush changes on daily basis due to fluctuations in the dollar rate.

Disclaimer : Gravity Rush price in Pakistan is updated on daily basis. Price depends on many factors thats include the price of dollors, manufacturar price and import cost and duties etc.