Laptop Bags/ Sleeves Comparison

Ebox laptop Bags ENL50112R, Ebox Laptops Bags ENL52515R-1
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Ebox laptop Bags ENL50112R

Ebox Laptops Bags ENL52515R-1

 Handle Yes Yes  
 Screen size 12.1 Inch 15.6 Inches  
 Shoulder strap Yes Yes  
 Type of bag Cover/Slip case/Sleeve Sleeve,Ws  
 Available colours Green Black   
 Type of pattern  Solid colour  
 Dimensions (WxHxD) 310 x 30 x 240mm   
 Number of inner compartment   
 Number of outer pockets   
 Material Nylon Nylon  
 Product page    
Price 1,200-Rs 1,600-Rs