"Sony VPL-EW246 Price in Pakistan, Specifications, Features, Reviews"

Sony VPL-EW246

by Sony Projectors

The VPL-EW246 is economically designed with a compact body filled with energy and cost saving features. In addition, a variety of network functions, rich inputs and outputs are available. This model is an excellent choice for education and business.

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Features for Sony VPL-EW246

Sony VPL-EW246




Clear, punchy images with maximum 3100 lumen brightness

Enjoy smooth, sharp, bright images in any classroom or meeting room. Choose from three brightness modes

to suit any environment ? High for naturally white presentations in bright rooms, Standard for everyday use,

and Low for watching video in darkened rooms.


WXGA resolution for detail-packed presentations

The projector?s native WXGA (1280 x 800) 16:10 screen resolution panel is perfect for making presentations

direct from a laptop or PC.


3LCD BrightEra? Technology

Unique to Sony, BrightEra? panels delivers high image resolution and high brightness as well as increased

panel reliability.


Six Picture Modes to suit any subject

A choice of six picture modes (Dynamic, Standard, Game, Blackboard, Cinema and Presentation) offers

optimised picture quality with any source material. Combine picture modes with three brightness modes to suit

virtually any presentation requirement.


Wireless ready

Add the optional IFU-WLM3 USB wireless module and connect the projector with other devices in the

classroom, from PCs to smartphones or tablets.


Recommended lamp replacement time of 7,000 hours

Reduced gap expansion minimises brightness gradation, while new cooling system allows uniformity in the

temperature of the glass bulb which prevents the glass from clouding.


Save energy at the touch of a button

Easily select power-saving ECO Modes with a single button push; additional environmentally-friendly settings

are easily accessible via intuitive menus.


Lamp Dimming

Projector lamp brightness is gradually reduced automatically if no input signal is detected, or after a pre-set

time ? cutting power consumption by up to 30% and saving energy bills.


Auto Mode (Auto Brightness Adjustment Function)

Lamp brightness is automatically adjusted brightness depending on picture content: the darker the image, the

greater the energy savings (up to approx. 70% lamp power reduction, based on image).


Picture Mute (Instant Off/On)

Touch a button on the projector remote and the picture?s muted instantly ? cutting power consumption down to

30% and saving lamp hours. Another touch and the projector?s instantly powered back up to resume your

presentation. There?s also a separate button to mute audio only.


Off and Go

Touch a button at the end of your presentation and projector is turned off immediately, without going through a

lengthy power-down cycle.


Direct Power On/Off

There?s no need to go through Standby mode when powering up the projector: the projector activates as soon

as power is supplied.


Vertical Keystone Adjustment

Even if the projector is aligned too high or too low in relation to the screen, keystone adjustment electronically

adjusts the projected image for an accurately-proportioned picture with true verticals.


Smart APA (Auto Pixel Alignment)

Phase, Pitch and Shift values are automatically optimised when using the projector with a PC source.


Auto Input Search

The projector automatically switches to the correct input, simplifying set-up and saving time.


Audio switcher facility

The projector can select between two audio sources, routing them via a variable audio output to the room

amplification system.


Digital Zoom

Instantly magnify a selected area of the screen by up to 4x for a really close-up view of images from a

connected PC.


Built-in Security Measures

Your investment is protected with a package of security measures including password protection and physical

anti-theft anchor points

Specifications for Sony VPL-EW246

General Specs
 Power consumption (operating)   311 W
 Brightness   3,100 ANSI
 Contrast   2,300:1
 Resolution   1280x800
 Remote control   No
 Built-in speakers   Yes
 Bulb life cycle, eco-mode   7,000 h
 bulb life cycle, normal   3,000 h
 Image size   30 - 300 inches
 lens shift   No
 Noise level    
 Portable   No
 Power consumption (operating)   311 W
 Power consumption (standby)    
 Projection distance    
 Throw ratio   1.4 -2.27 :1
 Type of lamp   Bulb
 Type of projector   LCD
 Network connection   Yes
 Wireless network   Yes
 3D-ready   No
 HD ready   Yes
 Full HD   No
 HD ready 1080p   No
 Image frequency    
 Supported image signals    
 analog RCA sterio input   Yes
 Component in   1 pc(s)
 composite in   1 pc(s)
 Connecting 9V/12V    
 Digital coaxial in   No
 Digital coaxial out   No
 DVI in   No
 HDMI   Yes
 CEC compliant    
 HDMI version    
 Number of inputs   1 pc(s)
 Headphone output   No
 Line in (3.5 mm)   2 pc(s)
 Line out (3.5 mm)   1 pc(s)
 Microphone input   Yes
 S-video in   1 pc(s)
 SCART in   No
 USB   Yes
 VGA in   Yes
 Supported audio files    
 Supported image files    
 Supported video files    
 Available colours    
 Dimensions (WxHxD)    
 Weight   3.8 kg
 Image properties
 Aspect ratio   16:10
 Brightness   3,100 ANSI
 Contrast   2,300:1
 dynamic contrast    
 Refresh rate    
 Resolution   1280x800
 Power supply
 Power connector    
 Memory card readers   No
 Optical drive   No
 Release year    
 Remote control   No
 Illuminated   Yes
 Programmable   No
 Product page    
 Price 87,999 Price in Pakistani Rupees

Images for Sony VPL-EW246

Sony VPL-EW246 Price in Pakistan, Specifications, Features, ReviewsSony VPL-EW246 Price in Pakistan, Specifications, Features, ReviewsSony VPL-EW246 Price in Pakistan, Specifications, Features, ReviewsSony VPL-EW246 Price in Pakistan, Specifications, Features, ReviewsSony VPL-EW246 Price in Pakistan, Specifications, Features, Reviews

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