Q Mobile Prices

Q Mobile is the first Pakistani local mobile brand that has come to this face of the world and has literally shocked the hell out of people. Q Mobile has truly revolutionized the Mobile Phone industry of Pakistan, in such a way that within few years of time Q Mobile did not just prove it, but became the second largest Mobile phone brand in terms of market share.

Q Mobiles at Mega.pk come in a huge variety, which cater to almost every single user of Pakistan. Q Mobile prices in Pakistan is quite low, when compared with the rest, but on the other hand they provide high-quality, style, modern technology, reliability and durability to its customers.

The latest of Q mobile series is the Android smart phone range, called Noir, which has create an unrest among the people with its ravishing and eye catching commercials, and also it proves that price is not always the indicator of quality.

If we get to choose one best thing about Q mobile phones, then it definitely has to be the Q Mobile prices in Pakistan, because they are so unexpectedly reasonable, that one cannot ignore this fact. The normal price range offered is between Rs. 3,500 ? Rs. 30,000 which is literally the best price range you will ever come across.

Other Mobile brands might debate on the fact that the features offered in Q mobile phones are not up to the mark, but it then also becomes an open challenge for them, as Q mobile phones offer the best features, without any doubt.