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"Bloodborne  Price in Pakistan, Specifications, Features"


The latest Bloodborne price in Pakistan is 5,499 - PKR which was recently updated on October 2023.

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When youtake damage from enemies, counter-attack the enemy within a certain period of time to regain some of your lost HP. The damage taken initially turns orange, indicating you can earn it back if you are quick enough. Hesitate too long and you?ll lose that health for good.


5,499 - PKR
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With a stroonger focus on offense and pro-active combat, battles become more pitched, thrilling and rewarding.



Bloodborne encourages characters to say on the offensive, using an equipped firearm as a staggering tool. By

unloading a shot right before the enemy's attack lands, the tables are instantly turned, leaving them staggered

and open to a devastating Visceral Attack.



These small creatures have crept out of a nightmare, and while they may not look too friendly, they accompany

hunters, follow their orders, and take care of messages left for others.


Specifications for Bloodborne

Here is the specifications for Bloodborne .
General Specs
 Price 5,499 - PKR Price in Pakistani Rupees
Disclaimer : Our team entered specs from diffrent resources and not responsible for any typo error in specs, please report any such error in bug report panel for Bloodborne .


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Bloodborne Rs. 5,499

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What is the Price of Bloodborne in Pakistan?

The latest price for Bloodborne in Pakistan is 5,499 - PKR - PKR (Updated October 2023). These days rate for Bloodborne changes on daily basis due to fluctuations in the dollar rate.

Disclaimer : Bloodborne price in Pakistan is updated on daily basis. Price depends on many factors thats include the price of dollors, manufacturar price and import cost and duties etc.