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"Metal Gear Solid v Ground Zeroes Price in Pakistan, Specifications, Features"

Metal Gear Solid v Ground Zeroes

The latest Metal Gear Solid v Ground Zeroes price in Pakistan is 5,499 - PKR which was recently updated on May 2024.

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5,499 - PKR
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MGSV: GZ gives core fans the opportunity to get a taste of the world-class production’s unparalleled visual presentation

and gameplay before the release of the main game. It also provides an opportunity for gamers who have never played a

Kojima Productions game, and veterans alike, to gain familiarity with the radical new game design and unparalleled style

of presentation.




The critically acclaimed Metal Gear Solid franchise has entertained fans for decades and revolutionized the gaming industry.

Kojima Productions once again raises the bar with the FOX Engine offering incredible graphic fidelity and the introduction of

open world game design in the Metal Gear Solid universe. This is the experience that core gamers have been waiting for.




THE POWER OF FOX ENGINE – Ground Zeroes showcases Kojima Productions’ stunning FOX Engine, a true next-generation game

engine which revolutionizes the Metal Gear Solid experience.

INTRODUCTION TO OPEN WORLD DESIGN – The first Metal Gear Solid title to offer open world gameplay. Ground Zeroes offers total

freedom of play: how missions are undertaken is entirely down to the user.

UNRESTRICTED STEALTH – Imagine classic Metal Gear gameplay but with no restrictions or boundaries. Players use intelligence and

cerebral strategy to sneak their way through entire missions, or go in all guns blazing. Each will have different effects on game consequences

and advancement.



MULTIPLE MISSIONS AND TASKS – Ground Zeroes boasts a central story mode and Side-Ops missions ranging from tactical action, aerial

assaults and “covert” missions that will be sure to surprise.

REDESIGNED INTERFACE – Ground Zeroes users will benefit from a clean in-game HUD that shows the minimal amount of on-screen data

to give a more intense gaming experience.

TRUE NEXT GENERATION GAMING – Available simultaneously with the current generation of gaming consoles, Ground Zeroes will give PS4

and Xbox One consumers the chance to showcase the power of their new machines.

Specifications for Metal Gear Solid v Ground Zeroes

Here is the specifications for Metal Gear Solid v Ground Zeroes.
General Specs
 Price 5,499 - PKR Price in Pakistani Rupees
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Metal Gear Solid v Ground Zeroes Rs. 5499.00

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What is the Price of Metal Gear Solid v Ground Zeroes in Pakistan?

The latest price for Metal Gear Solid v Ground Zeroes in Pakistan is 5,499 - PKR - PKR (Updated May 2024). These days rate for Metal Gear Solid v Ground Zeroes changes on daily basis due to fluctuations in the dollar rate.

Disclaimer : Metal Gear Solid v Ground Zeroes price in Pakistan is updated on daily basis. Price depends on many factors thats include the price of dollors, manufacturar price and import cost and duties etc.