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HP Omen Laptops

Latest prices of HP Omen Laptops start from 238,999 - PKR in Pakistan updated recently - December 2022.

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HP Omen Laptop Price in Pakistan 2022

Fantastic performance, excellent graphics and a mighty processor, isnt it a dream come true? HP Omen series offers all of these features in quite a few laptops. Those users who love to play with cutting-edge graphics can enjoy these laptops. Mega.PK is Pakistans bestseller of HP omen laptops. We have been dealing with these series for years and know what specs are in demand and how to sell laptops to people for a reasonable cost. HP Omen Laptop Price in Pakistan is increasing, yet people, especially those ready to beat every race with high-performance, love buying them. That is why for those specific buyers, we invest our resources to give them an ultimate laptop. 

Omen series offers several advantages that interweave the latest technology and powerful features. Here are some of our favorites to make your mind on HP omen laptops. 

The ultimate gaming machine: 

With a thin, lightweight, yet compelling laptop, you can now take your gaming to the next level. The ultimate omen laptop series is specifically designed for gamers to enjoy a virtual world like reality. Compared to a standard laptop, its brilliant graphics and elevated hardware are awe-inspiring. After buying a premium Omen laptop from our store, you will have unlimited fun playing your most favorite games by enjoying exciting features.  

Secondary Screen: 

If you are a pro and spend most of your time in front of the laptop, you would know the importance of a secondary screen. HP omen laptops help you get that feature to make your use more exciting. A secondary screen doesnt only help in graphics and animations but also makes you unbeatable in games. With an increased visual landscape, the virtual movement becomes more potent. Along with all the gaming gears creating an ultimate setup is in your range now. The screens have lightning-quick refresh speeds and response rates to give you an advantage against opponents. This lightweight laptop series will enable you to enjoy gaming on the go.     

Extended Battery and High Performance:

Even in the thick of the struggle, the HP omen series never disappoints. Their battery life is more than standard laptops, which increases their performance. Imagine the fun when you are out traveling, and your laptop has an extended battery to keep you company while waiting on things. A long-lasting battery is one of the main reasons people trust the omen series for high-end work. You can design graphics anywhere, render videos, run animations and play any kind of game. Its performance is always remarkable. The best recorded omen laptops battery life is around 9 to 10 hours easily. 

Precision Touchpad:

The latest HP Omen X 2S features several perks that are user-friendly. For instance, The precision keyboard works great and, as a standard keyboard, helps to drag, drop, click and scroll everything. The precision touchpad, which is located to the right of the keyboard, helps avoid accidental movements. You can toggle a numeric keypad onto the secondary screen to use it. There are also left/right click buttons dedicated for second screen shortcuts. Now any user can elevate their gaming by using this keyboard.  

How to select the best HP Omen Laptop in Pakistan?

There are certain elements which you should look for before buying HP omen laptops. For gamers, it is an ultimate power house and for compact performance, the laptop must be excellent. Here are a few generic features to check.


HP introduces new specifications to its omen series for a more friendly user experience. For instance, the omen 15 is a slim gaming laptop compared to the rest. While buying an omen series, always check its design to increase efficiency. The design selection is entirely your preference, and HP gives numerous options to users. Generally, the HP omen series is far more subtle now and eschews the angular structure and bulk of previous iterations. The latest omen laptops easily fit inside a bag and also work great in an RGB setup.


One of the most significant features of the HP omen laptop is its display. For gamers, it is essential to see everything very clearly. This way, they can have a realistic virtual experience. HP omen laptops feature 15 inches to more for a descriptive picture. The other thing you should be looking at is the screens resolution. Obviously, we spend hours sitting before a laptop, and the display is the main thing that helps us see the work. That is why we should put extra focus on the screen selection process. Go for a high resolution and more portable screen size for everyday work.  


As HP omen is mainly designed for gaming, checking the battery performance is a considerable element. Like, the omen 16 has 83Wh battery, which is almost 20% larger than 70Wh battery of Victus. The omen has an edge here to give extra battery life to the gaming laptops as compared to the rest. Obviously, the extra run-time depends on the brightness and the usage. However, for sufficient use, it works fine. While making a purchase, make sure to check different specifications of Omen laptops to get a laptop of your choice. 

Omen Laptop Price in Pakistan is increasing with the heap in dollar price; however, we at strive our best to make connections. That is why we sell premium quality laptops at very reasonable rates. We have a massive range of HP omen laptops for buyers and they can select their desired laptop. Each laptop also mentions all the specifications and features to help you decide.